Thursday, February 26, 2009

Innocent Until Proven Guilty

I am very disappointed. Many things have been hijacked by Pakatan Rakyat.

At first, we read that PKR wants to restore immunity of monarchy. Then this happened.

Then, we see a new shout-it-out: 'Ketuanan Rakyat'. To me, it is more like a Ketuanan Pakatan Rakyat.

Of course all of a sudden we had claims from Kedah ADUNs and Perak ADUNs about bribery. Read: Najib Bankrupt.

As always, before any investigations, the Ketuanan Pakatan Rakyat judged Barisan Nasional as corrupt.

Perhaps some members or leaders of BN are corrupted, but it is very wrong to generalise the whole party as a bad apple.

The United States Democrats continue to govern the country, although there was a scandal in Illinois that involved the former Governor who was replaced recently.

Americans are more mature when it comes to political mentality.

One bad apple does not make the whole basket of apples unwanted.

I understand that Keshvinder Singh (DAP-Malim Nawar) and Abdul Yunus Jamsari (PKR-Kuala Kurau) lodged a report with MACC.

I wonder if there were concrete evidences presented. If they did not have any concrete proof, then I am very confident that when MACC throws the case out, Ketuanan Pakatan Rakyat will say "See ... they are bias".

According to Pakatan reps tell of attempts to buy them over, Keshvinder claimed that he was offered RM 10 million, Perak MIC Chief Post and a State Exco post.

But if we compare with Pakatan Perak reps: We were offered millions to quit, Keshvinder claimed that he was offered RM 20 million, Perak MIC Chief Post and a State Exco post.

Benefit of doubt exists, Keshvinder. RM 20 million and RM 10 million is a big figure. Don't just mention some random numbers to sensationalize issues.

I think Keshvinder also made a very big mistake as a lawyer, politician and DAP member. I suggest he reads Karpal questions MACC's motive.

Karpal said "A person is presumed innocent until proven guilty, that’s elementary".

But Keshvinder made a big mistake when he said "I urge Najib to come forward and explain the matter because this shows that the federal government is corrupt and desperate". [Malaysiakini]

How do you know about that even before MACC investigates or the Attorney General files a case in the Court, YB Keshvinder?

Innocent until proven guilty. That's elementary.

(Credits to TheStar, Bloomberg, Malaysiakini for the photos)


Ahmad Amzar said...

well,these ppl think that they are good in mind games..they accuse others first without any proof,and ask the accused to defend themselves against baseless,what they hope that they will get is the perception from the public that Barisan Nasional is corrupted,athough whether their claim is true or not is yet to be known..

perhaps it is time for BN to handle these goons seriously now

Jimmy Tham said...

The same applies to MACC suggestion that Khalid is guilty before the AG and the court has decide. What does it looks like on MACC if the court decides otherwise?

Innocence proven until guilty applies to everyone regardless of their political affiliation.

Like I said both side are hypocrites and given the chance to abuse the power they would do it without any hesitation.