Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Reflection for Pakatan Rakyat - 1

  • Elizabeth Wong and Pakatan Rakyat leaders claim that "Hey, it is invasion of privacy! No one should force her to quit!".
  • As far as I know, no one asked her to quit - except PAS members in Selangor and Khir Toyo.
  • Yet, Pakatan Rakyat leaders especially from Parti Keadilan Rakyat kept saying "Don't pressure her to quit. This is an underhand tactic of Barisan Nasional".
  • It is as though someone pointed a gun at Eli's head and told her "QUIT NOW!".
  • You see, Anwar Ibrahim will never answer any challenges. When Saiful challenged Anwar to take an Oath in a Mosque with a Quran, Anwar did not do so.
  • Of course Anwar said even the Imam went over to his side! But Anwar forgot that Saiful took an Oath by touching the Quran, which is between Saiful and Allah, not the Imam. Yet, Anwar did not swear on the Quran, or did he?
  • I remember reading the news on 17th February. Leaders like Wan Azizah, Sivarasa, Anwar Ibrahim and Nuraidah linked Barisan Nasional to the nude pictures of Elizabeth Wong.
  • On 18th February, when the press managed to dig out that it was Hilmi Malek - a PKR member and former aide of PKR MP of PJ Selatan - Tian Chua shielded YB Hee Loy Sian from the press and told the media they should leave her alone.
  • The media were asking YB Hee about Hilmi, and the media did not approach Elizabeth Wong.
  • How come Pakatan Rakyat leaders can say it is BN's job on 17th February before investigations?
  • And when the media and the people found out that it was Hilmi from PKR, the people were told by Pakatan Rakyat to stop talking about it and the media should stop reporting the case.
  • Anwar must now answer Huan Cheng Guan's challenge. I have some words for Huan Cheng Guan (right). If Anwar fails to apologize to BN, then Anwar should be sued in Court and make him prove it was a BN job.
  • Failure to do so in Court, Anwar will have comply with whatever the judges decide. Perhaps a RM 100 million lawsuit will make sense, Huan, to make Anwar recall something with those figures.
  • Pakatan Rakyat always blame the dirty tricks of BN and claim that BN are always in a state of denial. With my words here, PR supporters or the rakyat will continue to slam me. But are we all not blindly supporting Pakatan Rakyat now?

(Credits to MStar and Daylife for the photos)


Obefiend said...

nice one

i came to the same conclusion too in this fiasco. i also wonder why PAKATAN loves blaming others for their misfortune.

grow up please. the feel good factor post matrch 8 is now over anwar. please stop the blame game and just admit the fact that Eli was framed for someone and she is partially responsible for her nudies. I often read about Pakatan harping the word "accountability". they often use JAPAN as a prime example of how the japanese ministers step down to admit their fault. they wonder why the BN ministers never step down when it is clearly their fault when so and so things happened. for example the landslide at bkt Antarabangsa

but when Eli Wong wanted to step down they stopped her. why? well you and i know why. the momentum is now swinging towards BN and now after the fall of Perak their bravado and chest puffing antics are over. Permatang Pauh and KT is now a million miles away.

how does that feel pakatan? like it?

pride comes before the fall. and now just learn the first lesson in politics. never under estimate your foes. they are even more dangerous when they are wounded

i hope the pakatan leadership would buck up and be more mature. stop blaming BN all the time. BN is evil but they are not that evil. they way the make it, it is as if BN is like a comic villian. always planning a way for world domination and have his evil corrupt claws in everything.

as a normal rakyat with no political affiliation is can only sigh in disgust.

is this the promised change by Anwar? i see no difference what so ever than the old regime. i might as well don't vote!

Anonymous said...

Good one mate!

Will use this article as reference in the future. If you don't mind.


Anonymous said...

Obefiend ....I like phrase "never under estimate your foes. they are even more dangerous when they are wounded" ......So PKR (Parti Kelentong Rakyat )becarefull with Parti Bina Negara (BN)....he...hee.....they will come and look after you !!

Anonymous said...

Obefiend and Sitora,

You all can say anything, but pls admit and face reality--Malaysia is infested with white collar robbers--BN politicians--especialy UMNO politicians sit in places of authority and steal the rakyats billions.Morgan Stanley and Prof Jomo Sundram had reported that these white collar robbers had depleted the countries wealth of about RM300 billion. Only idiots like you all will support BN despite knowing robbers are ruling the country. Transparency International has rated Malayia as highly corrupted--so it reflects on whom--surely the ruling BN.
Anti White Collar Robber

Anonymous said...

wassup wit this perversed wet dreams about that morgan stanley report? show us the report la taikorrr!
Anti Stupidity

Anonymous said...

Anti White Collar Robber I totally agree with you. I am disgusted that there are people around us who like to pinpoint minor issues but totally fail to notice the big ones.

Eli's case being politicised? They raised hoohah. Arumugam missing? "PR's misguided! So evil!". PR's rejection of frogging? "Hypocrites!"

To me all these are unimportant stuff that can be thrown to the back of my head anytime.

These fellas however fail to notice how bad the present federal government is! Rampant corruption, lack of civil liberties, unfair court, bad police force, inefficient civil service, etc, are not worth a mention in their minds! My god.

Malaysia is soon to announce another bailout package. I wonder where has all the previous money gone to, or where the future ones will be going BECAUSE THERE IS NO MENTION OF IT AT ALL. That's likely another dozens of BILLIONS going into private pockets out of state funds (or may I say commoners if they're coming from EPF). If there's an issue that you must mention, raise this instead. It concerns the viability of our country and the people. None of the issues that you have raised so far has a real impact on us.

You'll be spoilt for choices - Should Raja Petra be jailed under ISA? Is his trial fair? (You might want to address this because who knows one of your relatives/friends might have the same predicament in the future) Was it fair that Malaysia paid a company 540million ringgit to purchase 2 submarines? Is it lawful the way the Altantuya case was trialed? Is there freedom of speech in Malaysia? What about freedom of expression? Why are contracts awarded to cronies and the anti-corruption does nothing about it? Why are kopi-money still given and accepted when you sit for your driving license? Why does the police and drivers get away with bribe? Why must a deserving student need to go through appeals and appeals to get a scholarship or a course of choice? Why is the Biro Tata Negara giving bigotry teachings and still get away with it?

To show you how multi-billion budgets should be managed, read this- Singapore announced a S$20.5 Billion budget and here are the areas that they are going to spend them on - including the breakdowns on how they come to this figure:

Where has our multi-billion stimulus package gone to?

lordapes said...

" is as if BN is like a comic villian. always planning a way for world domination and have his evil corrupt claws in everything."

nice one. BN is like MEPHISTO! lord of the stygian depth, never endlessly seeking the soul of the Silver Surfer! hehe.

"Morgan Stanley and Prof Jomo Sundram had reported that these white collar robbers had depleted the countries wealth of about RM300 billion."

who, who and who now?

I have one for you. Prof. Ahmad Termizi and Sheikh Yusof Taiyob had reported that these white collar philanthropist had contributed the countries wealth of more than Rm720 trillion.

Anonymous said...


if u so think dat this federal govt is so corrupt then why did raja petra and pakatan supremos want pak lah to continue as the PM??

Loony ka? hypocrites to the core la u people!

Anonymous said...

Quote: if u so think dat this federal govt is so corrupt then why did raja petra and pakatan supremos want pak lah to continue as the PM??

Huh? What? I don't believe that the anon above can take this at face value.

Of course the pakatan supremos want the following, in order of preference:
1. Pakatan form the government. (But unfortunately cannot yet)
2. Abdullah stay as PM. (Well he's corrupted but at least he is fairer and does not resort to vile means to do in his opponents)
3. Anyone except Najib. (Najib has proven himself many times what he can do). His achievements include:
- Purchase by the Malaysian Ministry of Defense of three submarines that cost the treasury RM$4.5 billion (US$1.3 billion) for which a company controlled by Abdul Razak Baginda was paid a commission of RM510 million (US$147.3 million) in a sale that included no competitive tenders.
- Purchase of Sukhoi fighter jet at a higher cost than other countries, giving Malaysia a >US$100mil loss (as commission?).
- Bought Eurocopter whose bid was RM1.4billion more than the lowest bidder.
Take a look at his resume:

Any fair-minded person would prefer Abdullah more than Najib. But to Pakatan supporters, of course Anwar would be the best.

Anonymous said...

It is interesting to read the article and its arguments here. I'm interested in the above comment about sukhoi jets purchase. I hope we all please research on the jet's specs that we install in the jets and the deal that the government has agreed on. I don't agree totally on both PR and BN and please do some investigation on things we read. LKS blog just present us the cost and provide an open question for us on reasons of that cost. Consederation that we must ponder,
2)technical support
3)training programme
5)military R&D capabilities of client countries
6)bilateral ties

Even some of the Aussies aware of our arsenal. Please read military forums and this website for a flash understanding of jet types and its variations.

After we all done our own research then we can pass our own judgement.

Thank you. -Nikon-

Anonymous said...

anon above,

i guess all pak lah sins abt scomi and his sons and rm7 billion wang ehsan terengganu is forgiven then?? all the money he squandered for the past 5 years is forgiven is it? and u still want him as PM? why not u get muhyiddin as PM instead of those two (pak Lah & Najib)?????

lets face it... the real truth is, u guys want him as PM so that it is easier for u to win the next general election... bloody idiots.. u would rather see the economy of malaysia fall in the hands of pak lah! selfish bastards.
bloody hipocrites!

Anonymous said...

Anon above who mentioned "i guess all pak lah sins abt scomi..."

Your understanding really baffles me... I thought I have made it clear in my post above ("Quote: if u so think dat this federal...").

Imagine, just imagine, one day you are starved to near death, and there is a stall in front of you selling chicken pies at a gold coin each, a rotten apple for free, and a can of worms for free. And you have got no money. Naturally you will choose the rotten apple. Imagine your surprise when the shopkeeper exclaimed to you, "Wow! My friend you do love rotten apples! You don't mind the stench and decay?".

Imagined that? Remembered that feeling? I had that same feeling after reading your post.


Anonymous said...

To the anon above who wrote "i guess all pak lah sins abt scomi.."

I read your posting again and noticed something that gave me the jitters.

Is my being (allegedly) a selfish bastard and hypocritical more important than the "RM7 billion wang ehsan terengganu" squandered? Since you are aware of it have you done anything to prevent it from happening again?

Or is proving me a selfish hypocritical bastard more important? I hope not.


Jared said...

Its getting pretty confusing with so many Anons here. Can't you all just register and use a name??


Anonymous said...

PKR and Company can do no wrong. And all things sinister must be the work of the ruling Government.

They have been trained to play the blame game since day one, so it's nothing new when they flock together to defend their absurd logic.

They make statements on par with the wisdom of fools, to please their foolish followers.


Anonymous said...

to anon above.. its the fact that I AM AWARE OF IT (the rm7 billion) makes me wanna puke when ppl like you still want pak lah as PM.

i guess all his mistakes is forgotten now eh?

u r a hypocrite.

Anonymous said...

To anon above who said "to anon above.. its the fact that I AM AWARE OF IT...",

OK I got your point, so may I now ask you what is your solution?

who? me? said...

Anwar always use this line, the peoples' money, the people now are smarter than the previous generation. yeah, if you are smart or want to think you are smart, you better believe in Anwar Ibrahim. and the other line is about the people's money. If you don't pay tax, whose people are we talking about? of course everybody pays tax, but in other forms except income tax. if you pay 5k income tax even, what do u expect? a free toll road everywhere? even than, people need work, there's where all the tax money went, not somebody's pocket a u people imagine or believe.

Anonymous said...

If nobody pocketed the tax money and other monies,why did transparency international's index has placed malaysia in no 47 and singapore no 4? Its definetely people like the great robber mahathir,selangor's chief robber khir toyo,million dollar smuggler to australia muhd,chief robber of sarawak mohd taib who drives a rolls royce,murderer cum robber najis,unemployed millionaire khairy and 95% of the top civil servants who sit in positions of authority and steal the rakyat's money.
Anti White Collar Robber

Anonymous said...

Anti White Collar Robber,

Dont forget, there are so many white singlet Robbers too, in existence for the day they landed on this peaceful land.

Sikit sikit, lama lama jadi bukit...over 50years, just look around, the ill gotten wealth accumulated by these seasoned Singlet ROBBERS of the Rakyat?

Done outright, smilingly on daily basis, just name it, in wet markets (weighing machines) right to repacking and selling stolen cars and lorries parts, pirated CDs,bla bla

gosh just name it?



Anonymous said...

I think you have confused yourself by not knowing how to differentiate between the elected representives of the people and the businessman. The elected reps are duty bound to serve the people and abide by the oath that they won't involve in corruption. The businessman sells his product but it is up to the buyer to buy or not to buy. But here most of the Umno politicians sit in positions of authority and steal the rakyat's money. So there no such thing as the pot calling the kettle black.Here it is a case of harapkan pagar,pagar makan padi.

Anti white collar robber