Friday, February 20, 2009

Irresponsible Statements

It is important that leaders make careful and responsible statements because words uttered bear a lot of weight in the people's daily lives.

Pakatan Rakyat leaders (17th February)

Anwar Ibrahim
“No one in Pakatan Rakyat is pressuring her to leave,” he said, adding that he was concerned with the “pattern of tarnishing PKR MPs’ reputations.” [TheStar]

Elizabeth Wong
Although Eli Wong had a fair share of slanderous attacks on BN on her case, I understand that she is already going through a lot of stress. APOMM will retreat and lend her the much needed support. Eli should continue as ADUN if the Bukit Lanjan people wants her. I hope Khir Toyo follows BN leaders' statements which clearly support Eli in her our of darkness. His stand does not represent BN's. [APOMM]

R Sivarasa
PKR vice-president and Subang MP R Sivarasa said: “We know that what has happened is clearly politically motivated. “All this happening on the first day of Parliament yesterday was too much of a coincidence. We call on the people to reject gutter politics being practised by BN.” [Malaysiakini]

Nuridah Mohd Salleh

PAS Muslimat leader Nuridah Mohd Salleh was of the view that BN is still unable to accept its defeat in the general election last March, and has chosen underhanded means to topple the state governments chosen by the people. “We hope the Pakatan leadership is ready to face further challenges as they (BN/Umno) may have something more up their sleeve,” she cautioned. [Malaysiakini]

Media (18th - 19th Feb)

New Straits Times
Petaling Jaya Selatan Hee Loy Sian was a man under siege in parliament today over the Selangor executive councillor Elizabeth Wong's 'nude' pictures incident.

His former aide Hilmi is said to be the person who was Wong's alleged lover and widely believed to have taken the nude pictures of her. Hee said said Hilmi had worked with him for nine months but was no longer in his employement. He has been working with him for 9 months.

Azmin confirmed that Helmi is a member of the party but declined to give anymore details on the subject. "I really don't know about his private life," he said. [NST]

New Straits Times
State executive council member from Pas, Iskandar Abdul Samad, yesterday dismissed allegations that Barisan Nasional was involved in the circulation of Elizabeth Wong's photographs.

The Selangor Pas deputy commissioner (III) said the distribution of the photographs may be the work of disgruntled developers who were not satisfied when the state government banned development on class three and four hillslopes.

Note: Sivarasa, Nuridah Mohd Salleh, Anwar Ibrahim have not apologized publicly for the accusations against Barisan Nasional before any investigations.

(Credits to NST and TheStar for the photos)


Anonymous said...

Wei Liang Goh, I'm also from Perak but I'm in my fifties. Before declaring your proudness in your support to Mahathir please go and talk to people like me at our age group who have suffered enormously because of the policies and action by the Mahathir government for more than 20 years. Generations of bright and deserving poor non bumi students have been deprived of a higher education and the aspiration to higher learning for a better future. You may be lucky but not many of those disheartened and discriminated non bumis.

Anonymous said...

u may be daring to support mahathir's vision and policies...but daring for what? Many already know what mahathir's contribution are.. but one also needs to acknowledge and know the bad policies he has used and implemented in the past to know the kind of mess we are in. it would be wise to apply your bravery in best manner.. malaysia needs more daring people who fight for the right thing. not just for the sake of being different or daring.

Wei Liang Goh said...

Many already know what Mahathir's contributions are, but many merely read the Conclusion and analysis of political writers.

I admit I did read all these too. I even have a copy of The Time Bomb, as a gift from Lim Kit Siang (Please do not call him my crony too).

I have read comments from many daring people who fight for the right thing in their own minds, but not in others.

I read comments from all sides. Comments remain comments.

I wonder if you have read the real thing - policies, the real encounters, history and multiple of other books that accounts these things?

I have. My list of books do not just include The Malay Dilemma, The Chinese Dilemma, The M Way (written by KS Jomo - once a critic of Mahathir) - Managing Malaysia by Tun Abdul Razak, Ousted, and several others (including The Time Bomb).

My bravery can be applied in the manner I see fit.

Bravery in your eyes might be challenging the system. But some see bravery in defending the system.

Bravery in your eyes might be wrong to defend Mahathir.

But bravery in the eyes of some might be right.

I am who I am and I am wise enough to apply my own bravery in the best manner I see fit.

Wei Liang Goh said...

I admit that several of Mahathir's policies are perhaps not helpful to some parties.

I respect that opinion and I accept it.

But I must say we all have to let Tun Dr Mahathir to reason out why those policies are implemented by him.

To be honest, not everything was his idea. I know because I really know and I am not making up stories.

Not every single policy during Mahathir's time was formulated by him alone.

Mahathir's style of leadership is - I take all the blame, leave my team alone because I am their leader, so I should take the blame.

This style of leadership, in common days, I can only see in Jose Mourinho when he was in Chelsea Football Club where he shielded his players from the media's glaring lights.

That is why people say, take what you feel is good, and leave what you think is bad.

We are all wise enough to share opinions.

I have to say, your comments have left me happier because I can finally see some level headed, intelligent and constructive arguments.

I appreciate it, after receiving personal attacks that are lies against me and my family.