Friday, September 19, 2008

Pakatan Rakyat - Easier Said Than Done

Law expert Professor Dr Shad Saleem Faruqi was interviewed by theSun about Pakatan Rakyat's ambitions to takeover the Federal Government from Barisan Nasional.

The article can be read at Easier said than done, by Husna Yusop.

Even if on September 23rd Pak Lah received a vote of no confidence and is booted out of Seri Perdana, it doesnt mean that Anwar will be the 6th PM of Malaysia.

He needs the MPs of BN to officially crossover. I am very interested to know who will crossover. For now, SAPP left BN and we can perhaps assume that SAPP will stand in Anwar's camp.

What about MCA? 10 out of 15 MCA members are high ranking Government officials. Also, MCA is UMNO and Barisan Nasional's senior partner all the while. Remember the case where UMNO was deregistered and declared an illegal party during the Mahathir-Razaleigh tussle for power? MCA took over the Chairmanship of Barisan Nasional. MCA will not leave BN for now.

Who is next to leave BN? Gerakan will wait and see. MIC will not leave too. Looking at statistics, the focus lies on East Malaysian MPs who have declared that they are not easily bought over and will honour their alliance with Barisan Nasional.

Then, who will crossover, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim? 31 MPs? Increasing by the hour? I am "anxious" to know the list.

Excerpts from the article :

.... Yes, Anwar said they are going to the Istana. They are most welcome to the Istana; they can have nice tea there, I’m sure, but nothing more than that.

A piece of paper with 112 names is not enough. Anyone can write their names. It has to be on the floor of the house.

And, under Article 43 of the Constitution, the PM has two options once Parliament approves a motion of no confidence against him. He can either step down or advise the Agong for a dissolution of the Dewan. He has got those choices.

However, the King can say no to the dissolution of Parliament under Article 40a (2) (b). Then, in this case, the PM will have to step down. .....

...... All parties have plans once they come to power. All parties have their own manifesto. Everyone is allowed to dream. That’s the basic need. But, the reality on the ground is, there is no clear evidence that the current government is losing its support in the parliament. .....

Whatever it is, Datuk Seri Anwar. Assuming that I trust you have the majority numbers, make it fast. Malaysia is suffering a lot from the political instability. If you do not have the numbers, take up Professor Mohd Mustafa Ishak's advice - FOCUS ON BEING OPPOSITION LEADER.

Let us have peace and move on with debates on national policies for the rakyat. If you are capable, I am very certain the rakyat will send you to Putrajaya in the 13th General Election.

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