Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Malaysia, My Home

I welcome the actions of UMNO Supreme Council of suspending Datuk Ahmad Ismail, Bukit Bendera UMNO Chief for

1. openly creating racial tension
2. jeopardising an ongoing Barisan Nasional campaign in Permatang Pauh
3. being utterly disrespectful towards other component parties

Now, there are people who went on to compare Datuk Ahmad Ismail with Namewee and of course the famous Hindraf movement that represents the Indians. Namewee is the nickname for a Malaysian Chinese student who is studying in Taiwan.

He came up with a rap version of Negaraku, our national anthem and was slammed because he rapped with the words Negarakuku.

I believe I do not need to introduce Hindraf because their mega demonstration and memorandum created a big day for Malaysian and international journalists some time ago.

Allow me to remind everyone. Hindraf leaders were placed behind bars under ISA for

1. creating disharmony via massive demonstrations
2. mass gathering without permits
3. disobeying the warnings of the law enforcers
4. creating tension at the British Embassy
5. and of course the words in the Memorandum that harshly described the Malays.

Hindraf leaders were arrested. Namewee was supposed to be extradicted but he apologized. However, he will never be placed behind bars because he merely rapped a song that was disrespectful to our country as a whole.

When things went out of control with a bunch of kids filming a clip ala terrorist and uploaded it into Youtube saying that they will not guarantee Namewee will be safe when he returns to Malaysia, MCA stepped in to calm things down.

And soon, liked it or not, Namewee "willingly" apologized to all Malaysians. That was the Namewee episode.

As for Datuk Ahmad Ismail, his words created a big hoo-haa because:

1. He is a political leader and represents UMNO, the largest component party of Barisan Nasional

2. There was an ongoing election campaign and the voters of Permatang Pauh were made up of a majority of Malays and quite a percentage of non Malays

3. His words jeopardize an ongoing BN campaign where other community leaders were present

4. Being a politician and quite a high ranked one in UMNO, Datuk Ahmad Ismail has a probability of becoming a Malaysian PM attached to him while Hindraf leaders and Namewee will never ever become the PM of Malaysia. As such, his words are deemed unacceptable being a leader.

5. It came at a wrong time when BN could be on the verge of a split and Pakatan Rakyat are lurking around like a piranha at Putrajaya.

Malaysia is my home, our home. Barisan Nasional should unite and manage the country properly. I do support Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Zainal's comments that the Government, voted into power and entrusted by the people of all communities to govern, should act against those who raise racial issues. This enforcement should be carried out impartially be it on a Malay, Chinese or Indian.

We are all Malaysians and we tell the world we live in peace and harmony with a prosperous economy. Are we not suppose to practise the doctrine of harmonious society and a peaceful multiracial commuinity?

However, I am surprised why the Armed Forces Chief is making such statement. As an individual, he is entitled to comment. As an Armed Forces Chief making this statement at this time, it can only raise fears of perhaps an Emergency declaration or an interference of the Armed Forces in Malaysian politics.

These thoughts have encouraged me to agree with a firm statement from PAS Youth that the Armed Forces should stay out of Malaysian politics. I certainly do not want to see our Malaysian system evolve into a similar model like Thailand. We must avoid instability, chaos, or a veiled democratic system with military influences at all costs.

Malaysia, my home.

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Anonymous said...

I feel the 3 years suspension is a big let-off for him. Stripping off all his current posts is a right thing to do but 3 years? I felt that he should leave the party permanently (ie. sack the member) as in my opinion he do not possess the right frame of mind to be a party member of BN. Why bother keeping him back after 3 years if he thinks the whole scenario has been unfair towards him. He has yet to apologise which implies that he still perceives his actions are right.

This is the best time for the PM to show his grit and steel to the people that such behaviour and actions are not tolerated by the party. It is the best time to show to the people that our PM is not someone who is easily pushed over. It is the best time to remind to the people who is the real leader of the country. Having a high ranking leader, DPM, to apologise on behalf of the lower ranked party leader's actions isn't right.

A man should stand up to his own actions. Being responsible for one's own actions and have the courage to admit one's mistake is the sign of a true leader.