Saturday, September 13, 2008

ISA Arrests

1. Sin Chew Daily Reporter - Tan Hoon Cheng

I do not know why a journalist is being arrested. She merely reported on the remarks and handed it to her Editor. Her Editor chose to publish it. I am not sure what was written in that article but if it was a bias and agenda motivated writing, then she has to answer to the law.

According to YB Jeff Ooi, not a single journalist was arrested during Ops Lalang 1987 under Tun Dr M. And NUJ President Norila Daud expressed her concern about the arrest of a journalist for doing her job in reporting.

2. DAP MP, State Assemblywoman and Selangor State Exco Member - Teresa Kok

According to reports, she told a mosque to tone down the call for prayers. If that news is true, then perhaps that is wrong but to arrest her under ISA seems weird. Nevertheless, I have never heard the Muslims asking the Chinese to tone down their noisy CNY celebrations or any prayers at temples.

An ISA on this matter is too harsh, I personally believe. If she was arrested on that basis, I am sure there are other avenues or options as a course of action.

However, I would like to voice my disagreement over the placement of a mosque in Perak right next to a Hospital. It was a wrong planning to put it next to a hospital but I guess with schools, offices and a large residential area nearby, they had no other choice since it is hard to find empty land nearby.

3. Malaysia-Today blogger - RPK

RPK's arrest is something special. We have Jeff Ooi, the first blogger in the world to be voted into Parliament. Is RPK the first blogger to be arrested? Maybe not since we know Singapore cracks down on bloggers too.

Anyway, RPK blogs about the mismanagement of departments and misconduct of politicians. Most of the blog entries, he provides concrete black and white evidence such as letters and pictures to support his writing. He is like the "Cyber Politician" and provides check and balance to the Government and all politicians.

However, the "Statutory Declaration" series seem like overdoing it. The latest SD by Datuk Nalla's former driver that Datuk Seri Najib practices Hindu prayers seems a little ridiculous to me because as a Minister or DPM, he has bodyguards and assistants following him all the time, although we don't know if the declaration is true or not.

I hope the Government releases RPK from the ISA. If he has done something wrong such as false accusations, then charge him according to the appropriate law. Otherwise, release him !

A Piece of My Mind
Aside from all these, does anyone realise that we are no longer talking about a multiracial society of Malaysia? "Rakyat Malaysia yang berbilang bangsa dan agama".

Malaysian leaders are talking as though we should live in a segregated manner and that I am a Malay, you are a Chinese, he is an Indian, the other guy is an Iban. Are we all not Malaysians with a multiracial setting? Where is the semangat perpaduan and muhibbah? Bring it back to my home, Malaysia.

Take some time off and read Sheih's latest blog entry Ops Katak : Kickdefella Calls All Malaysians To Remain Positive.

Hey Amzar. Lama tak dgr khabar! Anyway, I have to say I am surprised they have not decided on S Paranjothy's case yet (since end of last year). Perhaps Gerakan should look into it and answer to BN !

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Anonymous said...

For a moment, when I read the report about a journalist and a blogger being detained under ISA, my first thought was, will I see your name in the papers next time under the same circumstances?

Just when how Malaysian student leaders are doing their best to portray the best of Malaysia to their counterparts from around the world, the depressing part is that our leaders are acting in a manner where, we as students, might even lose direction as to whether we were standing up for the right thing all along. Here in my home, bangsa Malaysia, all the things that we hope for in an ideal country like Malaysia, feel very distant, out of reach.