Sunday, September 14, 2008

Every Cigarette Is Doing You Damage

Good day everyone. For those of you who have always wanted your dads, relatives, friends or children to quit smoking but cant seem to see any results, Australia is said to be a very successful nation with their anti smoking campaign using images and videos of the effects of smoking.

Visit : The National Tobacco Campaign .

There are a list of TV Commercials there which are frequently played during my dinner time. Haha. So it is a little bit gross, but it is indeed effective! (Note : I dont smoke!). I can't seem to find the latest TV commercial on the web. For those of you in Australia, you can check them out on TV.

As proof that Australia's anti tobacco campaign is successful, visit The Copenhagen Post : Scare Tactics Mark Anti Smoking Campaign.

Just to provide some insights to the videos :

Quit Now ~ Artery

Quit Now ~ Stroke

I wonder if Malaysia's MoH will come up with adverts like this. We all know that tobacco companies are one of the major revenues of Malaysia's tax revenues.

Hmm. Perhaps if Datuk Seri Chua Soi Lek stayed on as Minister of Health, we would have seen ads like these soon. In terms of performance, he was indeed a great health Minister.

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