Saturday, September 13, 2008

My Side on ISA

I received a very recent comment from a reader :

For a moment, when I read the report about a journalist and a blogger being detained under ISA, my first thought was, will I see your name in the papers next time under the same circumstances?

Just when how Malaysian student leaders are doing their best to portray the best of Malaysia to their counterparts from around the world, the depressing part is that our leaders are acting in a manner where, we as students, might even lose direction as to whether we were standing up for the right thing all along. Here in my home, bangsa Malaysia, all the things that we hope for in an ideal country like Malaysia, feel very distant, out of reach.

Well, I know I have been very open about my opinions towards a better government, my support for Tun Dr M against Pak Lah, a rebranding of UMNO and BN, and of course my views on why Pakatan Rakyat will not be ready to lead Malaysia due to DAP - PAS relations and the Anwar factor.

I have to say whoever left this comment, my mom told me the same thing this morning ~ to tone down when I blog. Bloggers who raise false allegations, spread rumours and create disharmony should face the music of the law.

I merely state the facts and have done nothing wrong, so I am not afraid to say what I want to say. In fact, there was once a free speech corner in INTEC and I was told to give a speech. I voiced loudly on campus about the Printing Presses and Publications Act and the Internal Security Act. Those who studied with me in UiTM Shah Alam will know.

If one day I am to be arrested under ISA in the future, then it must be that I have done something wrong. Otherwise, I know my family and friends from all races and all walks of life will lend me a helping hand and lobby for my freedom and for justice to be restored in Malaysia.

I agree with proper laws like the ISA and the PPPA but of course there is a need for amendments. ISA is not improper because even the so called free country United States use a similar law. Needless to say, Singapore too.

However, the ISA and PPPA need to be amended and used in moderation for the sake of the country, not politics. Imagine if PR takes over as Government one day. They can also use these acts for the PR agenda. Won't BN scream aloud "HELP !" when that time comes?

The blogosphere remains united, mature and practice self governance which will provide a check and balance to the Government for a better Malaysia.

I also place a great amount of trust in the credibility of our Government and the Police force. I am sure they are mature and professional agents that will act in the best interest of our society and our country. I hope so, or perhaps ... I am wrong?

Students and youths should UNITE and continue in their efforts to show to the world we are ONE ! The unity of students will show to the world and to the people of Malaysia that the voice of tomorrow will lead Malaysia to be a more comfortable home where we stand high and mighty in the eyes of the world !

We are all wise enough to decide, I am sure.

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