Thursday, September 11, 2008

Everything is On The Line

A recent comment I received :

I feel the 3 years suspension is a big let-off for him. Stripping off all his current posts is a right thing to do but 3 years? I felt that he should leave the party permanently (ie. sack the member) as in my opinion he do not possess the right frame of mind to be a party member of BN. Why bother keeping him back after 3 years if he thinks the whole scenario has been unfair towards him. He has yet to apologise which implies that he still perceives his actions are right.

This is the best time for the PM to show his grit and steel to the people that such behaviour and actions are not tolerated by the party. It is the best time to show to the people that our PM is not someone who is easily pushed over. It is the best time to remind to the people who is the real leader of the country. Having a high ranking leader, DPM, to apologise on behalf of the lower ranked party leader's actions isn't right.

A man should stand up to his own actions. Being responsible for one's own actions and have the courage to admit one's mistake is the sign of a true leader.

I have to admit that it really is something significant for a Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia and the largest political party, UMNO, that represents the Malay community to apologize to all other races, especially the Chinese for a comment made by an UMNO division chief.

Datuk Ahmad Ismail should be ashame of himself. His words obviously do not represent UMNO who has good relations with other political parties in BN especially MCA. It is apparent that Datuk Ahmad speaks only for himself and not for the party when Malaysia's Deputy Prime Minister apologized publicly in all channels. Yet, Datuk Ahmad Ismail remains defiant and refused to apologize.

Perhaps, Datuk Ahmad Ismail should learn a thing or two about Politics. Even Tun Dr Mahathir, once labelled as an ultra Malay and racist, began to be a leader of all communities and a great leader of all Malaysians. He managed a big multiracial Malaysian community very well.

Just a pinch for you, Datuk Ahmad Ismail. No wonder you are not an elected representative of the State Assembly or Parliament. And no wonder you are not up in the ranks of UMNO. Let me wish you a happy "retirement" for 3 years. Of course Datuk Ahmad is entitled to make a comeback at any time after 3 years, just like Tan Sri Isa and Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

For the sake of Barisan Nasional, UMNO needs to reform their party agenda, their leadership and their system. For BN to march ahead, as I have said numerous times before, UMNO needs to settle their own backyard first.

Or else, Pakatan Rakyat will slip ahead one day. That is when we will really hear the cries of our Founding Fathers. And that is when the leaders who led BN to oblivion should go to the graves of our Founding Fathers and apologize for what they have done.

As for the "Sept 16" Government of Pakatan Rakyat, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim is placing his credibility on the line. There are a few sides to this :

1. BN's actions seem to show that they are trembling. BN Supreme Council must have certain information about possible crossovers. Otherwise, BN will not tremble.

2. Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim must ensure that the crossovers must have a majority of Malay or Muslim MPs (note that Muslim MPs can be non Malays too). Otherwise, we have to put in a possibility of PAS leaving Pakatan Rakyat to merge with UMNO.

3. Pakatan Rakyat might be having a massive crossover of non Malay MPs. And that is why there might be a delay, considering the fact that PAS might defect to UMNO and Barisan Nasional.

4. Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim is placing his credibility on the line, but not Pakatan Rakyat. It was DSAI who came up with the Sept 16th idea and it was DSAI who kept on singing the tune that PR will take over the Federal Government soon.

5. What if DSAI could not form a Government until the next election? He will lose his credibility. And depending on the performance of BN-led State Governments and Federal Government, PR might suffer a hit and will not be able to reside in Putrajaya.

6. PR might not lose their credibility overall but will take a dent if DSAI could not form the Federal Government. PR still can prove their value in the 5 States, well at least 4 because Kelantan all these while is a fortress for PAS and I predict it will remain so when leaders like Datuk Husam Musa takeover one day. DSAI personally will take a hit and he might be fighting the battle of his life if his promises to the people are not fulfilled. Do not forget that many BN leaders called him a liar and told stories about him when he was a DPM.

7. DSAI all this while held PR together. If he loses credibility, PAS and DAP might not be travelling in the same ship. The people voted for the Opposition not because they are better, but because BN leaders are not performing in terms of race relations, economy, unity, development, transportation and good governance. Perhaps, PR should take note that the rakyat comes before DSAI?

8. If DSAI manage to form the Federal Government, we are in for a big show because he still has his sodomy trial, the threat of PAS leaving PR, and of course the return of Dr M into UMNO should be something to watch. Dr M, as I have said, surely did not retire without bullets and a bullet vest. He still has a lot up his sleeve.

Whatever the outcome, Malaysia will face instability for 5 years until a fresh election is held. Everything is on the line. And we are indeed standing on a thin rope. Anything can happen and that defines instability. I hope that answers you too, Sze Huey :)

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