Thursday, September 04, 2008

5 Years of Instability

The events of :

1. Dr Mahathir attacking UMNO on leadership and the BN Government on policies

2. Pakatan Rakyat sweeping 4 new States in March 2008's GE

3. Auditor General's Report for term 2007

4. Datuk Ahmad Ismail's seditious remark

5. Pak Lah being seen as incapable to lead and Najib being seen as a "man walking around with issues hanging around his neck / dead man walking"

6. Anwar winning the Permatang Pauh by election

7. Gerakan members are pushing for the party to leave BN

8. probable crossovers from BN to Pakatan Rakyat

can only lead us to believe that

1. BN has lost the confidence of not only a significant number of people but the component party leaders and members.

2. Pakatan Rakyat might be taking over the Federal Government.

But what are my opinions?

It is highly unethical for the MPs to crossover when they won their seats under machinery of the party they represented, i.e. BN or (PKR,DAP, PAS - no official Pakatan Rakyat flag used in any election scroll).

MPs who want to crossover, should resign from their seats and allow for a by-election because the people not only voted for the individual but also the party. The people's votes must never be betrayed because they do not vote just for an individual to represent them, but the party that they represent play a significant influence in the decision making process too.

Pakatan Rakyat should respect the people's choice of Federal Government. PR should prove to the people that they did not make a wrong choice in March 2008 in Perak, Penang, Kedah, Selangor and Kelantan.

If there are any BN MPs who want to crossover to PR, PR should recommend to these MPs that they should all pressure the Prime Minister of Malaysia to dissolve the Parliament. I am sure the "motion" will be passed that way since the total of "crossovers" plus current Opposition MPs will make up the "majority".

Pakatan Rakyat should also play their current role as the Opposition at a more mature level. The leaders of PR should form a shadow Cabinet first.

Even if Pakatan Rakyat gets 30 MPs to crossover, what guarantee can PR give to us that the PR Government will not crumble and allow BN to form a Federal Government again before the next General Election?

A crossover from the "ruling" Pakatan Rakyat to the "Opposition" Barisan Nasional could also occur. Do not forget that PAS and DAP are not on talking terms but held together by Anwar only.

Also, the MPs in PKR, PAS and DAP might be wary of Anwar and crossover to the "Opposition" BN to topple the "ruling" PR. Will we not see instability till the next GE ?

Five full years of instability. Sigh.

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Anonymous said...

Your points make sense BUT

1. Malaysia is NOT a TRUE democratic country. The country has been under developed (although the BN government keep on saying 7% of growth every single year), with lots of crimes (not a safe country), and of course racial discrimination even we are celebrating 51 years of nationhood.

2. Yes, it is unethical for the BN MPs to crossover. BUT, PR has no choice. And most importantly, the people of Malaysia can no longer wait. How many leaders are capable of changing the political culture that has been there half a century? We must be glad AT LEAST there is someone, Anwar, willing to take the challenge to give us hope that we are waiting for.

No one can guarantee what will happen if PR takes over.
But one thing for sure, BN cannot fulfill their promise of making Malaysia a competitive country, a developed country and most importantly all races can live in harmony with equal opportunity.