Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Dr Mahathir In Kelantan And Racial Politics

Hmm . Dr Mahathir claimed that during his time as PM , Tun Ghafar wanted to employ a secretary (the then Deputy PM) . But Dr Mahathir and Tun Ghafar was informed by police force that Datuk Kalimullah is an agent for a foreign country ( suspected to be Singapore ) . Thus , they did not take him into their side but Pak Lah did in recent years .

Wow . Amazing news !

How can an agent infiltrate our country and become so powerful ? For those who do not know , he is a powerful man in NST together with Brendon Perreira . And people say Khairy is their close pal .

Come on Dr Mahathir . Is this true ? If it is , I call upon all Malaysians who know about this to send a traitor out of this country !!

Choon Wei once said that he read from somewhere on Dr Mahathir's speech . Dr Mahathir claimed that we will not see the achievement of a one united race ( bangsa Malaysia ) unless the Malays progress and have results ( or something like that ) .

To me , I have nothing against the Malays . I have lots of Malay friends . Uncountable . I support Dr Mahathir's vision to improve the fate of Malays . For I myself believe that is the right way to improve national unity . Ahah ! This idea was not really convincing till I read Malay Dilemma , Ousted , and other racial unity books not only written by Dr Mahathir but other authors as well . But let us put my idea aside .

If what Dr Mahathir say is true , I would surely want the Malays of this country to progress . And you and I can't deny the fact that there are certain quarters ( races ) that do not agree with the NEP , quota system in Unis , special rights and others . But if equality and national unity can be achieved only through these means , SO BE IT !!

The tongkat issue raised by my friend in NZ for discussion is a good one . Read the comments he wrote in my blog entry about me losing my beloved Sony Pouch (sigh) .

Isu tongkat Melayu memanglah menyebabkan banyak pihak tidak gembira , terutamanya orang - orang bukan Melayu . Namun janganlah orang - orang Cina lupa . Orang Cina sejak dahulu masa zaman negara kita dijajah dah mula berniaga dan maju . Karakter orang Melayu pula gembira dengan apa yang ada ( contented ) , maka dilihatlah orang Melayu menjadi petani dan nelayan . British pun nampak lah orang Cina di Pekan , Melayu di persisiran pantai , India di ladang . Maka gembiralah si Mat Salleh tu dan teruskan sahaja pemerintahan mereka dengan kegiatan harian yang sedia ada . Keadaan ini saya namakan "Natural Pecah dan Perintah" .

It is true what some people say . If Tunku , Tun Abdul Razak , Tun Hussein and Dr Mahathir let things continue as it is , the Chinese will be making the country prosper to heights that are probably equal to the achievements of Singapore , Japan , Korea . But bear in mind . Who will produce the rubber and palm oil ? The Indians . Who will produce the daily fish intake , vegetables ? The Malays . The Chinese will be their usual business minded , cunning group . Well , this shows that the country will prosper not only because of a race , but all races . That of course , if the 'pecah dan perintah' policy is continued .

But think again . The majority are the Malays . The Malays at that time would have been happy to see their motherland prosper with the push and rush of the Chinese . But will it last ? I do not think so . Thus , I believe that prosperity should be shared not only among Chinese , but also Malays , Indians and all citizens of Malaysia .

Biarlah Tongkat Melayu diteruskan sehingga satu tahap di masa depan . Sebenarnya terdapat pendapat bahawa orang Cina boleh memajukan Malaysia dengan pesat , rapid growth . Namun adakah formula ini terbaik ? Tidak langsung . The style of glorifying the minority will cause displeasure to the majority . Though May 13 occured , we should be happy that this issue was solved in the early days . Our past PMs were intelligent enough to understand the winning formula .

We can still see growth of course even though with Tongkat Melayu . The leaders were always faced with the dilemma of whether to see a slower but certain growth by assisting the Bumiputeras or should they leave the matter on itself and let the Chinese feed the country ? Of course the latter will not be ideal as displeasure will surely rise one day among the majorities and an even bloodier war than May 13 might even break out !

As such , the Government formulated a win-win case where a piece of a growing cake is shared among the multi racial community that pleases all parties .

But let me voice my displeasure over a certain Malays who really disappointed not only me but especially Dr Mahathir . Dr Mahathir gave so many assistance to the Malays . Yet they fight him , criticize the man who feed them , and take things for granted as Dr Mahathir say .

If the government gives you a contract , work on it . If the government gives you Approved Permits to import cars , make use of it and turn it into an automobile business . Do not just make fast cash and sell away instantly ! Bersusah payah Dr Mahathir dan orang UMNO berjuang untuk hak orang Melayu dan untuk membantu orang Melayu . Ada pula orang yang nak lawan Dr Mahathir , UMNO dan sanggup jual apa - apa sahaja demi kekayaan yang seketika sahaja . To be honest , you and I know how much the non Malays and the understanding modern Malays have to sacrifice in terms of progress and wealth for national unity's sake and to help improve the economic fate of other groups ( be it Malays and Non Malays ) . Yet these people are taking things easily and for granted and how dare they fight the government which feeds them ?!?

Then there is this MARA . MARA gives loans to small businesses who want to start up their own enterprise . The most popular will be selling Ramli burgers . The government gives you money to start up the business . The business is owned by one or two guys . But at times you can see these burger stall owners have their 'motorcycle gang' around them , chatting all night long , wasting time etc . To me , they could have been more productive ( I mean their accompanying friends ) . Moreover , at times you can see the burger stall operating and at times not . Where is the commitment to progress given such opportunities ?

Having said this , some of my Malay friends might be mad at me . But remember . I am not criticizing you . I am criticizing those who are still unconscious about the sacrifices and bloodsheds and sweat by the many races and the government . We are glad to see many Chinese , Indian and Malays benefitting and progressing to be educated , healthy and happy . But there are certain quarters who are merely sitting there and enjoying whatever they are given which is wrong .

I can't say much about the Indians as I have not been reading much about them . So I do not want to blog uneducatedly like a mad man who knows nothing . I shall say more about the Chinese . But I do not wish to retype . I have actually said this in Choon Wei's blog . I will put it in my next blog titled Masalah Polarisasi Kaum Bagaikan Tiada Garisan Penamat , Seperti Dinasti dan DNA .

Let me share with you what I know . When Singapore joined Malaysia , Tunku was worried . He was worried because our friend down there in that mini island , Mr Lee Kuan Yew , gave worrying statistics that the Chinese will over - populate the Malays when the Federation of Malaysia is formed . Thankfully for the Tunku , a solution was found . The British offered Sabah and Sarawak as well . Thus the term Bumiputera came about . The natives in Borneo will be transformed into Bumiputeras aka Malays . And this , the Tunku believed will please UMNO and take in Singapore as well . So it was a win-win situation .

But Singapore's PAP was blowing racial fire till certain UMNO strongmen were not happy and t hus results in the Tunku kicking the island away from our unity and independence . Interesting ? Yup . Very I think .

At that time tension was high with some extremists of Malays in UMNO . After the secession of Singapore , Tunku felt that these extremists are not healthy for national unity . Thus , he came to a conclusion that they should resign . That is the right way I feel .

Today , we hear Dr Mahathir saying that APs are given only to certain Bumiputeras . Yes I admit at times people say that Dr Mahathir have double standards in his opinion . Yes he made some Bumiputeras rich . It is true that he chose a few Malays and made them tycoons . But these were the people who were already having a business foundation . And he made sure they promised him that they will in turn help other Bumiputeras to rise and share their wealth . That was the condition . Yes these Malays were able to be rich but Dr Mahathir put a limitation to their wealth . Till a commanding level of wealth and influence , they will be required to help other Bumiputeras all the way . But today we hear APs are sold , AP Kings do not have showroom for their cars , AP Kings have helicopters and jet planes etc .

To me , is this just ? The policy is to enrich and improve all Bumiputeras and along the way , progress with the Non Malays . But here we see some people helping certain people only and then , full stop . That's it .

Then we hear Dr Mahathir in Kelantan making noises about Brendon Perreira given authority in NST ( of course under Kalimullah ) . He claimed that Malay editors are no longer in position there . NST was once adopted by Dr Mahathir . Tengku Razaleigh ( the then Finance Minister ) was ordered by Dr Mahathir to buy NST and controlled by UMNO .

Thus if these things are happening , I believe the Bumiputeras should voice out their displeasure . And if this is happening , and Dr Mahathir's words (that we will not achieve a united race status unless the Malays progress) hold true fully , then the many sacrifices of the Non Malays and Malays who have progressed will be flushed away useless and meaningless .

In the words of Matthias Chang , and I personally agree , I spit in the faces of the Malays who show disrespect to a Malay hero called Dr Mahathir !

Dia telah banyak memperjuangkan nasib UMNO dan orang Melayu sambil menggunakan formula yang dipersetujui oleh kaum - kaum lain . To be fair , I do not wish to see extremist or ultras of any races running the country or being lawmakers in Parliament like extremists in DAP (probably LimKitSiang) , Nazri (Umno) etc . Cukuplah . Kami generasi muda dah ada perpaduan . Tak usah , tak payah dan tak perlu langsung nak tinggikan nada dan berkelakuan sebegitu ultra kepada kaum sendiri . Kalau tak percaya , datanglah ke kolej , sekolah , pejabat . Lihatlah bagaimana orang muda bergaul biarpun Cina , Melayu , India . Kami tak ada masalah langsung .

To me , it is a matter of dynasty racial politics as I described up there . Whether it can end or not , time will tell . But let us all unite and end it with our generation !


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