Monday, August 07, 2006

The Meaning of Democracy - Part 1 : A Tree

I was stressed with this question for the past week . I keep saying the word “Democracy” to myself whenever I’m in my room . I felt relieved on Saturday when I finally found out myself understanding of Democracy .

I was at a Malaysian luncheon , Mamak Day . It was a plain day till I saw the sawing and chopping of trees and branches . That inspired me to the doctrine of democracy.
Democracy is like a tree .

The word Democracy is the trunk itself with the roots being the Founder of the democratic ideology . And from this trunk , there are many branches and each branch has twigs , leaves , flowers . The branches represent the definition of democracy .

There are so many branches in a tree . Well , it is undeniable that the many countries in the world who exercises democracy have their own definition (version) of it .

But of course if we match them up , they can be grouped into certain types of democracy and thus , they are the few branches of democracy . Slowly , other countries will follow their ‘adopted master of democracy’ and thus , they form the twigs .

Whether or not that particular doctrine of democracy is suitable for their own people , time will show the nation if it is the Pill of Wealth , Health and Prosperity . Time can also show whether their choice of democracy from that particular branch will be their Prophets of Doom .

If their love of democracy and suitability exists like perfect chemistry , it signifies glory and advancements , progress and strength . Here , we can see flowers and greening leaves from the twigs .

Otherwise , it will all just be a twig waiting for a chance to bloom . Prosperity , glory , progress , and growth will need time to take place . It will take place ( it might ) but the nation concerned must face the test of time .

Now , you see , lets use United States for example . Many have the opinion that it is a highly democratic country . Thus , we shall honor them with a branch . From here , we know that Australia’s Constitution is modeled after America .

Again , we shall honor Australia the title ‘Twig’ . The results ? A beautiful flower and lots of green leaves of course . Australia became the 9th richest country , possess one of the highest Life Expectancy , attained peace and prosperity .

Makes sense ? Good . Coz there will be more ideologies from me based on Nature . Have a nice day !

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