Saturday, July 29, 2006

At last , something good !

For this , I have to praise Pak Lah . Datuk Seri , you did well in calling the Police to investigate and catch that insane guy who sprayed pepper dust at Mahathir . That is one surprising but satisfying move by Pak Lah . I hope that person responsible is arrested as soon as possible and dump him into jail for as long as it is deemed fit . Imagine if people sprayed at George Bush , I reckon that guy is dead now . I sure hope Dr Mahathir do not depend on others to welcome , usher and protect him . He should have his own entourage , bodyguards . That will be much better .

Anyway , I'm happy to hear that SueAnn got the book I wanted . It is Mahathir Menyinga by Ruhanie Ahmad ( Datuk ) . All of you should give it a go . Read and understand it . And I just found the file which Matthias Chang and Dr Mahathir was so 'kecoh' about . Haha . This book's name is Water Talks by the Singapore Government . It is available at . Dr Mahathir and Matthias claimed that the 'declassified' documents were already published in Singapore in 2003 or something like that . If that is true , how can the government claim that they are declassifying documents when every Tom , Dick and Harry can just get it online since 2 - 3 years ago ?

I don't know . You don't know . No one knows . But the Malaysian Government and Dr Mahathir know about the truth . So tell us the truth , expose it ! I agree with certain politicians that Dr Mahathir actually know something more which he is holding back . I sure hope one day we know what is actually motivating Dr Mahathir to hit the Government .

Try listening to his speech at Kelantan recently . Haha . He criticized sarcastically about Datuk Seri Nazri , Minister in the Prime Minister's Dept . Good one Dr Mahathir .

Hmm . Lydia's birthday today . Happy birthday !

Its a warm winter here in Canberra . We had snow last year , but the temperature this time around in winter is not as cold as in June this year ( autumn ) . It was colder in autumn we feel . Hmm . Never mind . This is nature . It is always full of surprises !

All right , will blog more later about the "Tongkat" issue raised by my pal , Choon Wei in New Zealand . A true politican in discussion with me constantly .


Anonymous said...

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sueann said...

u consider yr self a politician already?? tsktsk tsk perasan-nya....

sueann said...

For those of yal who want that mahathir menyinga book.. i took the last one in MPH (MV)!! so .. i guess u have to order and wait..hmm but its pretty fast and efficient these days=) so no worries=)