Monday, August 07, 2006

Lack of Visitors and Comments

Dear homosapiens ,

I am bored and in need of chat ,
Fill my blog with opinions on this and that ,
Talk to me , share with me and be my friend ,
I shall blog more from time to time till the end .

Sigh . Never mind . The only people who read my blog are probably Choon Wei , Sue Ann , Chia Yie , Me Myself and I .

Hmm . Its ok . You guys keep posting comments here ok :)


Cy said...

Readin... Yes
Commentin... Lazy like hell >_<

Sorry ya ^_^ will try harder next time..
slackin more than ever now ;(

lydia said...

ey, Lydia comes here as well ok!!! just that she doesnt comment..seeing that nothing will change ur opinions about the person you are willing to die for!! And she is BORED as well..tutorial work is killing her!!! Quick Big Bro, think of something to entertain everyone with...and you better be going to UNILodge next year..if not Lydia will become a killer soon..hehe..oh, Sue Ann is comin in 2 days..excited leh??!! keke...

Anonymous said...

oi ah pek lichen comes here too!