Saturday, August 12, 2006

Messy Room

Gosh . My room so messy . And this morning dearie cleaned up my room and packed my cupboard .

Haha . I so shocked and stunned but happy . She did it by herself and ... it was just so damn nice .

Sigh . Whichever guy who touches my girl , you trust me , you will never have a peaceful day .

Jangan sesiapa berani sentuh dia . Amaran .

Haha .

Things in life about me that I shall reveal publicly now , if anyone is reading anyway .

1. I'm the type who wants something , MUST and MUST and MUST get it . There's no such thing as will try . Haha . My mom knows . She find me irritating when I kept making noise to buy something I want when I was younger . I will nag her 24 hours non stop from morning she wake up till nite when she sleep . Really . Haha . That's me .

2. I'm straight and I only love Sue Ann . So if anyone tries to take her away from me , don't give me that bullshit "you are lousy , I'm better" ... coz I will make sure you don't have a chance to say that . Trust me . You won't want to mess with me . We love each other a lot and don't give me crap stuff . You treat her well , I treat you well . Otherwise , sorry mate !

3. I want be a politician and serve my people . I don't care what you say about our govt and its bad system . I just want to do my part . I don't care if it is a meagre income and you earn big bucks . I just want to be a politician and serve my men .

4. I don't like people bullying my girlfren , my family , my dogs , and my dearest friends . Touch them means you are fighting me . Haha . Not sure about my new friends . Not sure if you guys know me . But my mates in secondary school know me . I am loyal and truthful to friends . Everyone is my heng tai !! Any problems I'm willing to help . I adopt the policy of the underworld gang lords . Loyalty , honesty , sincerity . But er .. I dont adopt the concept of brutality , cruelty and insanity of their lives .

**Note : Take Tjun Kong for example . I owe my success till this day to this man . Without him pulling me into the school debate team , I will never have gotten JPA scholarship . With him , I went on being Rotary Cup champions and the Ministry of Education's National Runners Up title . This title is authentic and true as it involves all schools in Malaysia compulsively . Unlike the Taylors and Help National Debate Cups . Those are junkies I feel .

I'm not smart but with my good record in activities , that earned me my scholarship . I owe Tjun Kong and I shall help him whenever I can . Yup . Tailow this blog entry is for you .

5. I am loyal and honest to people whom I respect and willing to serve . I dont care how you treat me , but as long as you are my friend , I bring out my best level of sincerity to be your friend . But as time moves on and I'm being stabbed in the back , don't forget I can be as cunning as a politician and I'm plotting against you ( haha joking ... ).

6. I'm a big eater . Sue Ann say I making her fatter . Haha . But she still can wear that super mini shorts I bought . So I guess she still have a nice waist . But me ....big eater... i Like to eat yummy food .

7. I love dogs . Haha . Fluffy and Snoopy are my brothers . I pamper them . That day went Federation Square in Nicholls with Sue Ann . Took pic of her and a Shih Tzu . Yup , Fluffy and Snoopy's bday coming ... gonna buy cake celebrate with them .

8. I am the world's messiest person . Ask Sue Ann , my mom . They know . Haha . So , try avoiding coming into my room unless you are a guy ... guys can live in messy conditions . But my room is always open for whoever wants to come in and have a chat and eat my stuff :)

**Note : I always think that folding blankets in mornings are pointless becoz we are gonna need it in the nite again . Haha . Mom say " if that's the case , you don't have to eat and take bath now , you are gonna eat and bathe again later anyway " . Ish ish .

Ok . Lunch time . Sigh .

I want eat with Sue Ann :'(

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