Monday, August 07, 2006

Festival or Politics ? You Decide !

Oops . When DSAI was released from prison , of course he went back home . But at home , Khairy Jamaluddin met with him . Scenario number one .

In Taman Melati recently , Dr M gave a speech organized by Malaysia-Today and it was attended not only by UMNO people or Mahathir’s friends , the media said that Opposition Parties attended as well . And they say Dr M befriended the Opposition .

My my my . KJ went to DSAI’s house . Did anyone say that KJ is befriending the opposition ? Nope . Rumours were that KJ was trying to bring DSAI back to UMNO which KJ denied constantly . KJ said that he was there to visit DSAI .

The same with Dr M . Dr M was giving a speech . Coincidentally , the Opposition gang were there . So I do not see why the mainstream media would want to ‘demonise’ Dr M .

Malaysian politics are so weird you see . We can read in papers saying that “Oh , Dr Mahathir is befriending the Opposition , he is using the Opposition stage” etc .

Tsk tsk . But when Hari Raya , Chinese New Year , Deepavali and Christmas is around , we see a different thing .

We used to see Lim Kit Siang shaking hands with Dr Mahathir , PAS members , DAP and many other Opposition parties making visits to the many Rumah Terbuka of the ruling parties . That is during festivities . But other times , are we not permitted to befriending the Opposition if we are in the Ruling Party ?

If for me , I might be joining MCA soon after I complete my degree . But I would like to share the views and friendship with great minds like Datuk Seri Nik Aziz , Nasaruddin , Tian Chua etc . Can I do so ? Or will I be suspended for breaching party discipline , governmental ethics or maybe even for not ‘toeing the line’ ?

Tsk tsk . Unity is at stake . Thankfully we have a lot of festivals in Malaysia which can provide a shelter of unity . Otherwise , the bond among the leaders of different parties will break and have an effect on the followers ( which means me , you and most of us ) .

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