Saturday, August 12, 2006

Let Me Set Things Straight

Hmm . I've been hearing many cases of Homosexuality , Bisexuality . Then there's one kind of sexuality with erm .. animals ...

Then today while waiting for Bus 34 to come back to AIHS after sending Sue Ann off to Sydney , I saw two 'round' aka huge ladies at the age of probably 40 , kissing in Civic .

Surprising to me .

Let me start by differentiating Constitution and Religion (sigh ... i typing this to stop crying .... i really miss Sue Ann) .

You see . There is a multi religious land called United States . But in this country , the Founding Fathers laid down the Amendments that will guarantee their citizens the liberal rights of religion , lifestyle etc .

Thus , probably this led to them having all these funny funny sexuality stuff .

But of course religions did not promote things which are against nature .

The law of nature confines and guides us the path to being "straight" ( I don't know what other terms to use... poor vocab ) .

So lets just walk down the path . Religious rites did not guide us to have scenes of men kissing men , women kissing women , men and women with animals and stuff .

Why do things which are outlawing the boundaries of nature and religions ? This probably has to go down to Genetics some say .

Some say genetics might cause you to like an opposite sex ( normal ) , same sex ( I strongly feel abnormal ) , animals ( I don't know why this happen ) .

But if it is genetics , who are we to blame ? Evolution of the intelligent genetics ? Or ... haha.. you decide .

But if one day I succeed in being a politician and am asked for the stand of same sex marriages , let me lay it straight . Right here , right now .

I do not agree in any way for the acts that are against the paths of nature . Nature has said that we should walk down the path of our lives with a happy marriage of two opposite sex of homo sapiens . And this is the path I shall walk down and hold true till the end of my life time . I do not rage war against homosexuals , bisexuals and .. lets call it crazy sex with animal ( I shall call them NUTS ) .

I do not hate them as I respect them as my fellow human friends . But it is my principle and I shall say it loud that I do not agree with these social outcomes . If it is my government , I shall strongly voice my disagreement and condemn the acts of same sex relationship .

Sigh . At times I don't understand . Got so many pretty girls out there , why want be homo ? There are so many handsome guys out there .. why want be a lesbian ??

There are so many !! Haih . The world is changing .

When I see two people of same sex er.... kiss or embrace or whatever... it gives me the goose pimples . Haha .

I still remember my BM teacher telling me and friends when we were having tuition in my house . He said that Thank goodness that there can be no forming of embryo through same sex and sex with animals . Otherwise , whatever that comes out in 9 months will surely shock all of us and we can see many different alienated type of looks walking among us .

Hmm . That taught me well and I shall remember Cikgu Sidek's advice .

Ok la .... sigh..... sad sad ... I wanna call my dear again . Tata . But before that , I pray that the world can go back to being normal and live a happy life according to nature's definition and God's will .

Heaven bless us all and love us , guide us all the way to the right path . End all misery ad wrongdoings and bring back the days of joy , peace , and happiness .

And I want my Sue Ann back here with me :'(

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