Saturday, August 12, 2006

Roll of Honours

A great and loud shout of THANK YOU to the following people whom I will always remember and repay with kindness and gratitude and life membership of being Wei Liang's friend . My door will always be open if you need help . I will repay with all possible means .

Sue Ann - thanks for coming sweetie
Aunty Bee Khee - thanks for bringing Sue Ann here ( haha )
Uncle & Aunty Vong - great people and thanks for everything
Chee Yeong - thanks for the bedsheets for me to put on the floor and sleep
Lydia - thanks for accompanying Sue Ann and me for dinner and stuff
Abi - thank you for bringing my dear to Pancake Parlour
Elaiza - thanks for accompanying Sue Ann for lunch

Everyone else ... Jimmy , Yu Jin , Liang Wei , Teng Choon , Adeline ... if I miss any , just fire me , .....thanks alot for the card games with Sue Ann .

Sigh . Big thank you and appreciation .

I miss Sue Ann . Haha . Nvm .

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