Monday, August 07, 2006

Anwar Ibrahim , Homosexuality & Politics

This is sensitive I know . Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim ( more popularly known as DSAI ) was charged and slammed behind bars for charges of sodomy and corruption . Malaysians tend to ignore the corruption part because statistics can prove that most Malaysians either take bribes , offer bribes , or both .

Undeniable fact . In fact , I think the greatest revenue earner of “Extra Income” is the Government agency which I will not name but it has got to do with roads , cars , licenses . So , yeah , you go ahead and guess it because I want to avoid controversy .

Let us look back in 1998 . Dr Mahathir removed Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim from the Deputy Prime Minister post . DSAI was almost there to being PM of Malaysia , if not for the economic downturn I feel .

Dr M felt that DSAI was not capable of healing the economy and adopted the IMF formula . Dr M was well known to be wary and suspicious of Western Agencies like World Bank , IMF . Thus , he took it to himself to heal the economy which was later labeled as “The M Way” .

DSAI had lots of power in UMNO and the mainstream media . Some analysts say Dr M felt threatened by DSAI’s power as he had in place many of his friends in powerful seats like Ministers , CEOs , Editors etc .

To remove DSAI just like that would mean a revolt against Dr M . Thus , Dr M ‘invented’ the idea of a gay DSAI . That’s what some say .

Dr M said that he cannot accept a homosexual PM and that his actions to sack DSAI was based on police reports and recommendations .

Did the many Malaysians forget that part of the story ? I think you all did . Each day we blame and question the credibility of our Police force . But when the police force produce something special , we always treat them with suspicion .

Why didn’t the public question whether the cops’ arrest of certain Directors for corruption or certain robberies are for real or not ? In fact , as far as I know , we all just agreed with the police .

When Dr M said DSAI was removed based on intelligence reports , we all question him . And trust me , many people thinks that he is free now and proved innocent . I don’t know what to trust on this issue .

But if it is the police’s findings , thus I will hold true to what the police say and what Dr M did . Moreover , there were reports of Sukma’s physical dent at his anus by a specialist in Court .

And again , though the court released DSAI from jail on charges of sodomy , please read the court judgement ! The court agreed that DSAI had committed acts of sodomy based on evidence but the inconsistency of time of actions given by the Prosecutors brought about the release of DSAI . Is he innocent or what ?

Hmm . One thing is for sure .

It disgusts me to see men kissing men or even having sex with men . Haha . I am not sure about women making out with women ( as long as they are pretty I don’t mind … kidding ) .

I personally do not accept homosexuality and for the time being , do not accept a leader who is homosexual , bisexual , trisexual or whatever sexual that is defined in today’s madness filled world . I only accept what nature has defined for us .

Nature set the path for us to walk through and spend our lives . So lets walk along the path prepared for us . Do not act smart and build a highway , another road or whatever .

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