Thursday, October 09, 2008

Where Malaysia can learn from Australia

Malaysia should learn from Australia in battling tobacco addiction, child and women abuse, mannerism and many other basic values.

I am not saying that Aussies have the best attitude in the world because they aren't. In fact, Aussies have a high level of patriotism till I dare say they are over protective of themselves against other people especially Asians.

Nevertheless, Australia is a successful country with their effective campaign via graphic images. I finally found the latest tobacco ad of Australia's Everybody Knows Campaign.

There is another ad, a new one, that caught my attention and it is very impressive. Any Government officials reading this blog, please take note and forward it to your department heads or Ministers.

I hope to see quality advertisements like this in Malaysia, although we can be proud of Petronas' ads, as always.

Anti Tobacco Campaign Ad

NAPCAN - Children See, Children Do

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Anonymous said...

I agree with u, mate!!