Monday, October 27, 2008

A Piece of My Mind

An interesting comment I received just a few hours ago :

Obviously you are out of touch with reality. MCA is already 3/4s inside the grave & come next gen. election, it will be buried 6 ft. under. MCA has been a slave of UMNO for too long. It needs to die first before it can wake up again.

It is really funny to see someone calling me out of touch with reality. Being a university student with "nothing much to do" and a frequent blogger, I in fact read a lot not only from mainstream media but also blogs and talks with friends.

Nevertheless, I accept your following few statements. MCA is in dire straits now till they are not in the position to make demands or contribute optimally to the Malaysian society.

MCA has never been a slave of UMNO. They have always adopted the "unity approach". Imagine if MCA holds their shaolin swords and start making hurtful remarks, what will happen to Malaysia's stability?

Again, MCA has never been a eunuch. If you look at the picture, MCA flashed the Rukunegara at the height of tension when certain UMNO leaders were playing the racial card.

MCA again assisted many Malaysians especially the communities when it comes to the controversial Government scholarships.

Need I even talk again, like I have been countless times in the past, about Datuk Michael Chong's service to the community of Malaysia?

I have never been out of touch with the politics of Malaysia - be it Barisan Nasional or Pakatan Rakyat. That is for sure.

To be honest, if you ask me, I think Parti Keadilan Rakyat needs to be sent into oblivion first. The PKR has been formed with the objectives of freeing Anwar.

Now since Anwar is out of prison and in Parliament, the whole PKR team is always talking about Anwar. It is as though the PKR party is led by "His Royal Highness" Anwar Ibrahim.

Look at the promises of Anwar. When Barisan Nasional fails to live up to promises, the general public criticise BN as though they are criminals and pests to society.

But when Anwar fails to live up to the promise of a "June Government", "Sept 16 Government", Sept 26th Government", and the many other dates, where is the criticism?

PAS members who uphold the principles of Islam and truths have failed to live up to their standards. There were comments by leaders that they have seen the list of crossovers and have full faith in Anwar.

Is that a lie? I have always, since my school days, respected the PAS principles and their integrity. I need not tell you stories of the well loved man - Tuan Guru Nik Aziz, the late Fadzil Nor, and of course Dato' Husam Musa.

Now, several executive committee members of PAS were making statements about the "crossovers list" and about Sept 16th. Sadly, nothing happened.

DAP is also another party to question. They seem to be confused with their struggles and objectives in Pakatan Rakyat which seem to be contradicting those of PKR and PAS.

If only DAP had officially respected the Constitution and the protection of Islam, the Bahasa Malaysia and the status of the Majlis Raja-raja Melayu, then of course I am sure many more Malaysians from all races will join their struggles.

Tunku Aziz's inclusion into the leadership will not attract people if DAP leaders shouts for a "theocratic state". Their principles for a free and democratic foundation will surely be attractive to young blood be it Malays, Chinese or Indians whom we call Malaysians.

But sadly, DAP's views have been clearly blinded by a complete and perfect model of freedom and democracy.

I enjoy my liberty to comment on anything I want and whatever rests in my mind. Thank you and I shall continue with several more writings that include the controversial scholarship allocation in Malaysia, and of course a little comment on the upcoming UMNO Youth Election race.

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Jimmy Tham said...

it is the failure of MCA to find a long term solution to the problems. not the inactions nor the perceived neutered political party.

it is perception that matters. I agree MCA leaders have remarks to every sarcasm and threats from its fellow coalition partner but will this happen in the 1st place if the leading party accords equal status to other parties and punish severely those who made disparage remarks to other communities? It is the perceived inability to do much besides "silent approach" that beholden the culprits further. if MCA is perceived as being influential, the leading party would take serious action to discipline its members that will curb such activities.

mca delegates are not dumb, majority are businessmen and i would say most can think far ahead than most of us and sadly, many do not agree with you for some reasons and voted for in a change.