Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Role of JAKIM in Malaysia

Dear readers, I found two interesting websites. Makes me wonder why JAKIM is not checking on these people who "walk the corridors of power" and the many celebrities too.

I am sure the modernization of Malay Muslims have seen a more globalized Malay society. However, some of these pictures are too revealing for a Muslim in terms of dressing and certain pictures show actions that I believe are against the Islamic principles.

I might not be a Muslim scholar but I am not a fool in Islam too.

Several things make me wonder about the role of JAKIM in Malaysia whether they are just an organization for "exhibition purposes" only or are they really an enforcer of Islam in Malaysia where our country is an Islamic country.

These things include pictures in and I do not blame the bloggers for sharing entertainment pictures and perfect information.

I do not question the rights of the individuals too. But I sit here, wondering about the role of JAKIM. I agree with Dato' Husam Musa's statement - HUJAH LAWAN HUJAH. Let arguments counter arguments in RPK's case which involves Islam.

As I have mentioned in my TheStar email Interview with a reporter, cases like these will provide the Government of Malaysia and JAKIM to enter cyber politics. They provide an opportunity for the agencies to enter the cyber world to reach out to the target groups and spread the knowledge as well as "truths".

JAKIM, what are you guys in there doing !?


Ahmad Amzar said...

First of all,I have to say that I'm suprised to see your concern about JAKIM,but I'm also glad to hear that as well.

Let's go straight to the point.Although there's no denying that what they've done(those who've crossed to limits),we need to bear in mind that the authorities can't monitor each and everyone's actions,let alone policibng them.Yes,maybe the JAKIM can do something about it,but that doesn't mean that they're not doing their job.

It's not that suprising anyway to know that they can't really exert their authority as the there are no strong law like Hudud being implemented in this country.Without it,no matter how hard the Muslim agencies try to address such problems,they won't be really able to do so.After all,the Syariah courts' power is only limited to issues regarding marriage,divorce and maybe khalwat,and sadly,the punishment are just too light.Of course,those who committed such things will have to answer for what they've done in front of God in the Hereafter.Not just them,everyone.

p.s.hmm,what about the poeple from other religions like Christians,Buddhists and Hindus?

Wei Liang Goh said...

tats true amzar. i didnt think about it in terms of law. my mistake here. JAKIM cannot monitor every single person and even if they did, the extension of the law on Muslims are not substantial enough.

i am a buddhist (more accurately a taoist) so i cant speak for other religions.

as for buddhists, buddhism do not have sets of morality principles in terms of dressing or consumption, although i am sure all religions have a guide for the people - "mengelakkan segala nafsu".

i do not mean to question the Muslims. no hard feelings buddy. just want to question the role of JAKIM to ensure efficiency of all government depts.

also, I remember an islamic rule that premises or businesses which sell alcohol or non halal stuff, Muslims are not permitted to work there.

RPK raised the issue of Malaysia Airlines and their Muslim stewardesses.

Contradictions are great and I really want to hear Muslim scholars' views also.

I live by the principle that a race who tries to understand and befriend those from another will promote a unification of diversity and unity.

The same applies for religion too.