Tuesday, October 07, 2008

MCA in Barisan Nasional

In response to Foong Wai Fong's articles in Malaysiakini :

MCA's positions in the Cabinet stand to show that UMNO and Barisan Nasional practices power sharing and unity among all races where the Malays, Chinese and Indians participate to govern a country.

They should not be questioned at any point of time. Although their Seats were won with "slim majorities" of thousands of votes, a win is still a win.

A majority of the people voted for them and whether or not they sit in the Cabinet, the decision lies with the party with the majority and in power at the Federal level.

I have to agree with your 2nd article that MCA should play strategy instead of bravery. We all can be certain that MCA will remain in Barisan Nasional for a united alliance.

All these while, MCA has never been a penumpang or a Eunuch in BN. The leaders of MCA have always assisted the Chinese community in education, economy and social ills. I dare say that MCA not only cares for the Chinese but also the whole multiracial community.

MCA's position in Barisan Nasional is clear, unlike Gerakan in BN. Perhaps, Pakatan Rakyat should look at ways to strengthen themselves.

I find it confusing how I can vote for Pakatan Rakyat when all I hear from PKR is just "Anwar ini, Anwar itu" and the policies of DAP and PAS are contradicting each other.

If DAP formally acknowledges the fact that Malaysia is an Islamic State and the leaders of DAP respect the Constitution on several key areas, then I am sure DAP - PAS will become a very strong alliance.

As for PKR, I don't know who the MPs and DUNs are serving. The people or the Anwar? Seems to me like PKR is trying to make Anwar a supreme leader.

This is dangerous for PKR because once the "Anwar factor" goes away some day, PKR will cease to be a large political force in Malaysia.

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