Saturday, October 25, 2008


Since I returned from Melbourne for a seminar with Tun Dr Mahathir, I realise that I have neglected some of the comments written in APOMM which were of great quality.

I have been extremely busy with my workload here for the past two weeks. Now, I can resume my regular blogging activities.

To begin my blogging, I would like to thank Dr Wendy Smith, the Director for the Centre of Malaysian Studies. I was in contact with her as I wanted to get a copy of her speech that she delivered at the Seminar Pembangunan Insan.

It was indeed a great speech from the perspective of an academician about Malaysia and Tun Dr Mahathir. There were necessary processes that she needed to go through before sending the speech to me. Finally, a week ago, I received it.

For those who are interested, especially my dear friends in ANU, please read it HERE. Thank you Dr Wendy.

Next, I would like to direct my readers to a few comments and messages that will make us reflect and think about our leaders and the future of Malaysians.

1. Kursus Perpaduan dan Integrasi (Canberra) - a comment left by "winter" HERE.

2. Dr Mahathir (Sept 20, 1997) at the World Bank meeting - The Challenges and Opportunities We Face

3. MCA's request for a DPM post - a comment from Jared HERE

4. Tun and the monetary system - a comment left by "Letting the time pass by" (Hisham) HERE

Now, I would like to extend my sincere apologies to the "Anonymous" person who provided a criticial analysis about Tun. But allow me to clear some misunderstandings.

In your comments, you brought up dictatorship system countries like Iran and North Korea before you provided us with information about their transportation system as compared to Tun's era where you confidently said that Tun deliberately public transportation to rot so that Proton could survive.

Due to the mentioning of dictator style management of countries, I had to assume full responsibility as a blogger here to clear any possible misinterpretation of what you wrote.

Thus, it was only natural for me to come out in my later post that Tun was democratically elected.

I apologize if in any of my lines I accused you of linking Tun to a dictatorship regime. It was only a spontaneous move from me to clear any vaguely linked misguided information about dictatorship and Tun.

And with this, I hope I maintain my professionalism in blogging here at APOMM. Thank you for reading my blog always and giving well informed comments.

For my friends in ANU, if anyone wants to further discuss about the issues raised during the Kursus and to clarify the essence and the truth behind each action or dilemma, I am always free to talk over a cup of coffee. This is important as we should not be misled by misguided comments that night.

I have to agree that nothing came out from the two day course. However, I am sure the two officers will produce a report about what students have been discussing and the comments or sentiments among us, leaders of tomorrow.

There can be no conclusion as it will only mean that the officers are taking sides with opinions which clearly they didn't as they are professionals and not biased.

There can be no solutions either because nothing is solved over night and we are not in a conference or Parliamentary session that will have a say on the direction of Malaysia.

The Kursus was there for us students to sit together to talk frankly about matters and be prepared for the future when we step out of our current phase as students to lead Malaysia.

Thank you all for the comments and I welcome any further ideas from you, my friends.

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