Monday, October 20, 2008


A Piece of My Mind congratulates the new leadership of MCA for winning the just concluded elections.

I hope team "kangkung" of Ong Tee Keat and Chua Soi Lek can lead MCA to a better political future. This is perhaps not the best time to come up with a proposal for MCA to hold the Deputy Chair of BN and the Deputy PM II post.

The Race Relations Act was a boost to MCA's spirits but seeing the temperature of race relations in Malaysia now and with UMNO's elections coming soon, the MCA's proposal to have the Deputy Chair of BN and DPM II post is not at a right time.

Or could it be a BN strategy where a fresh election could come soon under the BN leader? Perhaps huh? And we will see Najib giving MCA the DPM II post while entering a new election to get a stronger mandate for BN to govern Malaysia.

Uncertainties, as always, exist in Malaysian politics. It is way interesting than the US Presidential elections.

I am currently busy with assignments and I have 4 due this week. I will be off the blogosphere for at least a week, unless I can find some spare time in between my time slots or plans.

Will be back blogging soon !

APOMM Editor

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Jared JJ Chew said...

I believe it is a good idea to have a DPM post allocated to MCA and i think now is the perfect time to execute such plans. Once MCA is granted such a post, sooner or later, MIC would make similar proposals.

I reckon that it is a good time to execute such plans bcoz with our M'sian politics in such a state of flux, it is best for BN to show to the people of ALL races, that it is indeed an alliance for the people of Malaysia. One may anticipate resistance from certain races, but as long as the upcoming party elections from BN shows promising & strong leadership from all component parties, there is little to worry about. It is high time that all component parties start representing Malaysians as a community rather than providing main focus on their respective races represented.

As said earlier regarding the possible 2 new DPM posts to be held by MCA and MIC, I believe this is a more effective leadership as compared to our existing structure. Having DPMs from different racial backgrounds ensures the rights of interests of ALL M'sians are protected. After all, what is the meaning of Barisan Nasional if the top 2 posts in our country is always being represented from 1 component party of BN only. Changes are necessary to bring development and harmony in our nation's leadership.