Saturday, October 04, 2008

Race Relations Commissioner

I strongly urge the Government of Malaysia and the Parliament to set up a Race Relations Commission headed by Malaysians from all walks of life.

Together with MCA's proposal for a Race Relations Act, there should be a Commission set up under the Act as well.

Let us allow this Commission to have powers that uphold the Constitution of Malaysia and permitted by law to be enforcers of good race relations.

The Commission should be a Royal Panel led by a Race Relations Commissioner and fellow panel members who are reputable like academicians, politicians, human rights activists, lawyers etc.

This Commission will have the powers like the Commissions and panels in Parliament of Malaysia, Congress of the United States etc.

The members of this Commission must be allowed to serve a subpoena to any

1. Malaysian citizen and
2. Permanent Resident
3. except members of the Royal family who have immunity or will be face trial under a Royal Court in cases of wrongdoings.

All of us shall be answerable to the Race Relations Commission. The Race Relations Commission will report to the Parliament of Malaysia and the Yang Di Pertuan Agong of Malaysia.

The Race Relations Commission

1. will monitor politicians, bloggers, journalists, and everyone who tries to play the racial card, cause disharmony in Malaysia and create racial tension.

2. will serve a subpoena and summon people who fall under the category of "a threat to racial harmony".

3. will report the conclusion of the trial to the Parliament of Malaysia and the Yang Di Pertuan Agong of Malaysia.

4. will advise the Attorney General Chambers and the Royal Malaysian Police on the next course of action.

5. will conduct all meetings with full transparency.

There are a few prominent leaders and activists that could be appointed to this position. Personally, I hope to see the following people in the list :

1. Tun Haniff Omar
2. Tunku Abdul Aziz
3. Tun Dr Ling Liong Sik
4. YB Lim Kit Siang
5. Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye
6. YB Dato' Haji Husam Musa
7. YB M Kulasegaran
8. YB Datuk Mohd Zaid Ibrahim

Tun Haniff Omar was once an IGP of Malaysia and is a frequent columnist in The Star. He currently serves in the board of Genting Group if I am not mistaken. Tun Haniff is certainly well qualified to lead the Commission.

Tunku Abdul Aziz is a famous activist and recently joined the DAP cause. His fight for democracy and a better Malaysia will help the panel well.

YB Lim Kit Siang, YB M Kulasegaran and YB Datuk Zaid who are lawyers in profession will provide the legal input to the panel and continue their cause for a successful nation building process.

However, as far as I remember, YB Datuk Zaid was implicated in UMNO for money politics. I am not sure if that case has "cleared" Datuk Zaid but his recent efforts for reform are surely to be respected.

As for Tun Dr Ling and Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye, both of them although retired from politics, are great leaders who serve the community of all races very well.

I have high respects for Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye and have seen him speak personally in our alma mater, St Michael's Institution Ipoh.

Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye contributes and dedicates his life to the society. I am sure his contribution can be further extended in a Race Relations Commission.

As for Dato' Husam's inclusion, he is a leader with religious background from PAS. He surely can balance up the Commission from the viewpoint of Islam. Dato' Husam has been a leader for all races too, as far as I have heard and read.

Although this Commission should be answerable to the Parliament and the King only, I strongly urge the presence of two great Royal family figures, the Sultan of Selangor and the Raja Muda of Perak.

I need not elaborate why they should be included in the panel. Their academic qualifications and leadership have captured the hearts of many Malaysians, if not all.

At least, these are my personal opinions and I would surely like to forward it to the MCA leaders who proposed the Race Relations Act and the Cabinet members who are looking into this Act, although I do not know how.

Malaysia needs independent regulatory bodies where the Government, Opposition and the Rakyat can work together to form a successful society and country.

Note - Response to Comment(s)
The Indian community can be represented by MIC but it seems like MIC does not have prominent figures to be in the panel yet. I am sure academicians, lawyers and politicians from the Indian community can be elected into the panel. YB M Kula is just a personal preference from my side.

As for UMNO's representation, Datuk Zaid Ibrahim was proposed by me, as long as he is 100% clear from the money politics case in UMNO.

Leaders like Tun Dr Mahathir, Tengku Razaleigh, Tan Sri Muhyiddin are top UMNO men and would have been my top 3 preferences. However, they are great leaders who should lead the country in the Government instead of leading a Commission.

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