Monday, September 06, 2010

13th General Election

I am curious and wish to know how the Opposition and The Economist Intelligence Unit can come up with conclusions on the 13th General Election dates.

Check them out :

And today, The Malaysian Insider played a story - Umno tells Najib to go slow on snap polls. Well if you ask me, I think the Opposition is excited to go for war in the most crucial Elections ever in Malaysia's politics!

Politics First, Putrajaya Now

Whatever it is, I can say for sure, Barisan Nasional is ready to face the over confident Pakatan Rakyat anytime. We have already kicked off the first bold transformation plan which is the Government Transformation Programme (6 NKRAs) last year.

Clearly, that was a sign that we have successfully moved away from a brief period of "auto pilot" in the Government under YOU-KNOW-WHO to a new era of transformation.

Soon, the Government will be announcing 2 major plans that will lift Malaysia from a "contender" country to be a developed nation.
  • New Economic Model (by NEAC)
  • Economic Transformation Programme (by PEMANDU)

People First, Performance Now

The plans and models are READY for the Barisan Nasional Government to execute and develop the nation. These are clear guides on where the country should be heading towards and how the country can transform from a "dull economy" into a vibrant and resilient economy - all formulated by economists, academicians, top civil servants and successful private sector members.

The 12th General Election, no doubt, was a slap on the face for BN. But in the coming 13th General Election, the Opposition must face 3 realities:
  1. Barisan Nasional loyalists who voted against BN will return to vote BN,
  2. Barisan Nasional loyalists who spoiled the votes will return to vote BN and
  3. Fence sitters who disagreed with Business As Usual (BAU) by the Govt will return to vote BN.
Just to add and state the obvious, no political analysts had ever estimated how many votes for PR were from
  • PR loyalists
  • fence sitters' sympathy
  • BN loyalists (protest votes against Pak Lah's Administration)
And hidden under a pile of online articles is a piece dated 27 August 2010 which I think is interesting at Free Malaysia Today - Pakatan staring at massive loss in next election

The author noted that the electoral projection is based on a post mortem by PR themselves.

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Anonymous said...

Newly registered voters, especially both young & suburban will be 10-20% of total voting population by 2011-2013.

More anti-establishment and rebellious, these bloc could be decisive in GE13.

The FreeMalaysiaToday aticle highlighted trends from Bagan Pinang & Hulu Selangor period BUT before later Sibu by-election. Sibu created shockwaves because it shows rural, suburban Chinese votes are moving in sync with national Chinese voting trends.
That means big trouble for BN/MCA in Perak, Selangor, Pahang & Johor!

Latest Merdeka Centre survey shows hardening 90%-10% Chinese attitudes against BN-UMNO, while interestingly even Malays are split 50-50 on UMNO.
Najib's popularity hasn't translate to support for BN. And with Dr M, Perkasa & Muhyiddin boxing him from the Right-wing, Najib risks losing even hardcore Malay conservatives to his 1Malaysia showpiece!

Najib is fast becoming another Pak Lah, with his elegant silence and fast declining racial & religious relations among Malaysians...

~ Ex-BN Youth Lab & Pemandu guy