Tuesday, October 12, 2010

MCA 57th AGM

MCA, since establishment, is seen as a representative entity of Chinese community that covers various Chinese based guilds, associations and chambers of commerce. That's a massive organization and not even DAP enjoy that sort of connections.

And PM spoke at the AGM that Malaysian Chinese today are not pendatang but rightful citizens who had contributed much to the development of the country. Thank you PM!

Judging from the Prime Minister's reform initiatives lately, he is definitely on track as compared to the "de facto leader" who was too busy teaching Election Commission on clean and fair elections but ended up having a questionable one in his own Party. Take that, Anwar!

Anyway, back to the MCA AGM. Let's look at statistics first.

MCA Youth and Wanita MCA had approximately 45% delegates who weren't interested in the AGMs. And approximately 20% of the seniors weren't there for the national MCA AGM as well! One can go around saying that this is due to the fact that people have religious events to attend to but come on, 45% of them?

Also, the alternative media reported about Wanita MCA's criticism of the President's morality issue. The ladies claimed that they couldn't answer back whenever they get involved in a debate and the Opposition raised the President's you-know-what case. Hey, these ladies have a point! MCA Infocom, send someone to help Wanita MCA on how to deal with this. Send someone to teach me too.

Lately, the Presidential Council of MCA has been very vocal on many national issues with heavy support from The Star (yeah, you know why).

Actually, we can see evaluate this from two angles. One is that MCA is doing her job and finally speaking up. Two is that MCA is part of the Government and the Party is giving advice publicly to the Government which is quite contradicting!

Speaking out is one thing. If MCA talks too much publicly and the Government ended up not able to do the things which MCA said, then this matter will end up haunting Barisan Nasional. The Chinese will start saying "itu Barisan dan MCA, cakap saja pandai".

It will also jeopardize the relationship of MCA with her partners in the coalition.

Take for example, we talked about low Chinese participation in civil service for the past 10 years. Wanita MCA raised this point again this year. When will we solve it and how to overcome this issue?

So my advice is let's keep it controlled and manageable before it is too late. More importantly, we must not start pointing our guns at each other in Barisan Nasional as it might escalate to the "blame game" level one day and send Barisan Nasional crashing down.

Remember, MCA. We are Barisan Nasional first, MCA second (I doubt Kit Siang can say he is Pakatan first, DAP second and neither can Nik Aziz).

Barisan Nasional's macro objective is our priority number one. The clear cut opponents of MCA is not any of our coalition partners but the Crescent, the Moon and the Rocket which takes them to the land of nowhere.

During Tee Keat's days, he was brave enough to face the Opposition. In fact, in Youtube, there are videos of Tee Keat and Dr Wee Ka Siong debating against DAP leaders back when he was younger.

The current MCA leadership must shift its focus on the Opposition's agenda and shred it to pieces, just like how Tee Keat did while able to defend MCA too. No doubt, MCA won't win Election by being vocal on issues alone.

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katdog said...

"We are Barisan Nasional first, MCA second"

You may find that you may be the small naive minority that HONESTLY believes in this.

Try asking UMNO people like Muhyiddin (Malay first), Ahmad Ismail (of the 'pendatang' fame), Hishamuddin (with his keris waving antics), Hamim Husin ('si mata sepek' fame), Nasir Safar (of the 'chinese came to sell their bodies' fame) and ask them if they believe in BN first then UMNO second. Ha ha ha! They'd think you were joking.

UMNO has always been clear about their purpose, to fight and secure Malay rights and position first and foremost. If the Indians or Chinese has any problems, they should talk to MCA and MIC cause that is their responsibility not UMNO's.

That has always been how BN worked. Suddenly its BN first then MCA second??? Where did that come from? Or do you mean UMNO first then MCA second? Because i'm pretty sure UMNO ain't gonna accept being second to anything!