Saturday, October 30, 2010

Mahathir was never wrong

The Opposition is actually heading down the wrong road. More often than not, the Opposition choose to link Dr Mahathir to every political issue.

Take for example, the recently announced Budget. As usual, it was DAP leaders who provide comprehensive review of the Budget and never PAS or PKR as they have sensational statements prepared even before the Budget is read out.

But DAP leaders were also clueless, such as Lim Kit Siang. The Budget was described as Mahathir-ish. Kit Siang must have been in the game for too long and spent his life opposing Dr Mahathir without considering whether Dr Mahathir was the right fit or not.

Kit Siang made "Mahathirism" sound bad. But in actual fact, Mahathirism is a good injection to a very crappy economy back then. Neither were Mahathir's Budgets and if Najib's budget is Mahathir-ish, then Najib is on the right track.

To understand what Mahathirism is all about, read

  1. Mahathirism in my eyes
  2. Mahathirism's pet projects
  3. Mahathirism - Education and Foreign Relations

To add on, Dr Mahathir ensured UMNO's stability and indirectly the country's stability when he "politically managed" his former deputies such as Tun Musa Hitam, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and Tun Ghaffar Baba.

We cannot deny that under Dr Mahathir's years, the political arena was well controlled and ensured that the country's development and progress continued smoothly.

One phrase sums it all. Dr Mahathir was never wrong.

He was not wrong when he pressured Tun Abdullah Badawi to resign even though our friends in Pakatan Rakyat thinks he is a good Prime Minister (this shows what sort of quality we have in PR, hopefully they invite Pak Lah over to their party to lead them in 13 GE since he is so good).

I mean, seriously. Who in their right mind will want Pak Lah, Tun Musa Hitam and Anwar to be PM of Malaysia in the 21st century and expect them to lead us to be a developed and high income nation by 2020?

Now, Dr Mahathir finally sees results in Najib when the sitting Prime Minister announced his budget and launched the Economic Transformation Programme.

PM, heartiest congratulations. The word from the ground and the coffee shop stories I hear, the PM has successfully shown that he is a man who only care about getting the job done professionally regardless of race, religion or politics.

As a parting shot, the next time you read anything on politics, think if I'm right when I say the Opposition can never put aside race, religion and politics. It is in their blood.

Together we transform the nation.


Hariz Hussein said...

opposition said they were not playing racial issues. But they are the one who always playing that card.

Najib is very firm to run this country. Economy agenda is the big part in our country. Years to come, I think Najib will be the next Dr Mahathir.

Wenger J Khairy said...

Mahathir is never wrong. Sure, can you answer any of these points

All Government contracts, privatization options, PFI projects given to Mirzan Mahathir
All Government contracts, privatization concessions, PFI projects given to Mokhzani Mahathir
All Government contracts, privatization concessions, PFI projects given to Mukhriz Mahathir
All communications, proposals and working papers relating to the purchase of MISC assets by Petronas
All communications, proposals and working papers relating to the repurchase of MAS for RM 8 / share by the Ministry of Finance, inclusive of the approval and working committe papers
Summary of all Contracts given for the development of Putrajaya
Summary of all Contracts given for the maintenance of Putrajaya
Summary of all Contracts given for the development of KLIA
The shareholding of the companies awareded contract sums in excess of RM 2 million for the development of KLIA
The shareholding of the companies awareded contract sums in excess of RM 2 million for the development of Putrajaya
The names of all Ketua Bahagian UMNO between 1993 - 2000. We will cross reference the list in 6-10 to prove that Dr. Mahathir did not give any contracts to his political cronies. This is a free service
A Legally Binidng Rights Waiver, enforceable in Switzerland that allows the holder to check against a list of Private Swiss Banks on any accounts held by the said individual. The individual will be named later in front of a Commissioner of Oaths
The working paper report behind the Maminco Scandal
The internal reports post the Bank Negara Forex loss
The entire volume of correspondences between the Prime Minister's Office and the Ministry of Finance with the subject heading "Perwaja"
The terms and contracts of Solution Protocol Sdn. Bhd for the computerization of the Government Hospitals, with an annexure of shareholding of SP by companies and the director's of said companies
A list of all known business associates, proxies, partners of Mukrhiz, Mokhzani and Mirzan Mahahtir, if such a document exists, and if not go search for it.
The finalized audited statement of accounts for the Commonwealth Games
The terms and contracts behind the privatization of the IPP
The terms and contracts behind the privatization of tolls and highways
The working paper report, if any, which showed that the IPP was bound to lose money for Tenaga and bound to be a burden for the people. If it does not exist, then look harder
The list of all APs holders, with special focus on all holders directly related by marriage or by family to Dr. Mahathir
The total sum of credit exposures Malaysian registered Financial Intermediaries had with respect to Mirzan Mahahtir and Mokhzani Mahathir between 1996 - 2000
The detailed operational accounts of Danaharta

If not continue to live in la-la land

CommonerNinetyNine said...

to me, pointing fingers at tdm for everything is just a strategy of the oppositions.

from my perspective, the oppositions has no one capable to fight other than tdm, the only one that they will never win, just as you said, because tdm has never wrong, and he keeps proving that till today.

the power that tdm has is in the heart of many people, especially to the generation that has experienced his era, and that is why many people still listen or want to listen to him until now. his blog proves this till today.

and i would say that is real power in politics. and i would say tdm is a legend in everyway, his minds, actions...etc. i just don't see anyone in the current administration, including the oppositions, come any closer.

by taking away this tdm power from the public, the oppositions will be able to get all other opponents without much effort, because many people already don't have good impression of the bn and it's leaders since the sleepy dynasty about 7 years ago and the oppositions have put great effort in messing with their public images since then.

even within bn, there are those trying hard to take away this tdm power thinking that they can create history of their own. that is why guard dogs like n.a., ksk..etc, are put in the administration, to perform "dirty" works when needed.

we could see these 2 forces combined during the early years of the sleepy dynasty. all sort of attacks from both sides towards tdm almost non-stop. and amazingly, tdm wrestled them off all!

i and many people, including "non-believers" saw this "war" ourselves and i believe there are many people, like me, asked this: what a man tdm is? a man without official power, able to win people with official powers, not only from one political side but both sides combined! (i think even saw the so called bar council and royals have joined the tdm stabbings.)

again, i agree with you, must be tdm has never wrong. else i can't see how he win them all.

and the "praise" of the sleepy head by the oppositions is also a strategy.

firstly, sleepy head is like the king in the kid's story, whom appear naked while being told wearing a costume only see-able by the capables! of course sleepy head believe those "praise" and thus his mind is soft-hypnotised by the oppositions.

second, by "praising" sleepy head to create a false benchmark thinking that can help override tdm's benchmark.

third, by "praising" sleepy head to indirectly humiliate the malays. just like at schools, bullies "praise" weak students and putting them in public for everyone to see and humiliate their flaws.

so i see everything from the oppositions is a strategy to create negative perception towards their opponents. and they are quite successful in their many attempts. don't believe? i still hear the mongolian's name whenever someone is mentioning about 1man!

Anonymous said...

mahathir was never wrong?

kah! kah! kah! like all the Gods live in Planet of the Ape! kah! kah! kah!

Pordah! mamak licker!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Mahathir was never wrong ?????

Goh Wei memang an ass-licker !!!


Anonymous said...

Hey, lets put Goh Wei Liang on facebook with 'Mahathir was never wrong' and see what is the respond !!

i come from planet malaysia, the land of opportunities said...

can you care to elaborate further? because the points you mentioned are not substantiated with any hard facts. tell us, in your own words and with some clever research including a detail analysis, break it down with solid datas and figures, then tell us again. like how you are trained in your chosen field. please..... don't torture us with postulated reasonings.

katdog said...

"Mahathirism is a good injection to a very crappy economy back then."

Well we may have had a crappy economy back then, but today, we have an even MORE CRAPPY economy after Mahathir was done with everything.

Back then, we may have had a crappy economy but we were still ahead of Taiwan and Korea and still close to Singapore. Today, Taiwan, Korea and Singapore are light years ahead of us and now Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam are fast catching up to us.

Mahathir was always right?? If this is what making the 'right' decisions leads us to, i'd hate to imagine what would have happened if Mahathir was wrong...

Anonymous said...

First off, the author has his head buried in his a**e. TDM was never wrong? That's the biggest joke/greatest lie.

"TDM was never wrong when he pressured Badawi to resign"? Who was the good who handed the position over to Badawi in the first place? If you're so power hungry, why step down? Run the country for as long as you can. But no. TDM chose to step down. He should have retired graciously. Learn from Lee Kuan Yew, Tony Blair, etc. Be dignified. Why be a sore loser? The fact that he hand-picked Badawi and subsequently criticise his administration is good evidence that TDM was WRONG!

CommonerNinetyNine, fist off, you can't even construct a proper sentence in English. I wouldn't waste time with you. Why? Cos you wouldn't understand anyways. Why waste time?

Anonymous said...