Tuesday, November 23, 2010

MCA and Friends of BN

I am sure MCA saw it coming when PM announced that there will be direct membership for BN without alliance to any political parties.

Back in those days when Tee Keat was President of MCA, there were worrying analysis that Hua Zong or any respectable Malaysian Chinese might be placed as candidates for the 13 GE to replace MCA.

Today, there is no guarantee that the same won't happen with Soi Lek as President even after taking into account his good rapport with the Chinese guilds and associations (I wonder if Tiong Lai is doing his job as Bureau Chief. I only see my President moving around)

Read: MCA uneasy over polls ticket for BN friends

MCA was quick to state their uneasiness on the direct membership matter but the election matters most especially the 13th GE. The Party must make clear their position in the coalition to fellow BN members.

BN should never replace traditional MCA seats with others from any Chinese association and guilds in the upcoming General Election. This will be suicidal both to the BN political machinery and to the candidate.

The Supreme Council of BN must not forget the true friends of BN are those sitting at that long table who have fought for the coalition through rain and shine and when it matters most.

It worries me when the PM, alone, is saying THIS (Najib: Seats for Barisan parties not for direct members). MCA should get the Supreme Council to agree to the PM's words especially when members vote on issues during the meetings (you never know when the PM's words will get overruled by component members).

In the coming 13GE, which everyone seems to be excited about, the Supreme Council should also address issues on campaign machinery. I hope that all BN parties campaign together with a concerted effort in their constituency regardless of which component party gets selected for the seat.

By-elections are never good measures of success as compared to a grand scale General Election. So, don't tell me we all clicked well, had a great campaign and won the by-elections.

Many times, I have heard about boycotts, uncooperative component parties or poorly organized local political campaign machinery during elections. BN can no longer afford such things in the 13GE and those who disobey the chain of command in the political campaign machinery should be hauled to the Disciplinary Committee.

In any "too close to call" battle, the winner has always been the side with the most dynamic and efficient campaign machinery.

Know your "true friends" and you shall win the elections.


Anak Watan said...

Sahabat ku Goh

Sedih aku harus berterus terang.

Kami rasa MCA dan Gerakan seolah-olah sedang melakukan tikaman dari belakang.

MCA dan Gerakan tidak bersungguh terutama di Pulau Pinang.

Mereka kelihatan seolah-olah takut untuk berhadapan dengan DAP. Takut untuk mengkritik DAP dan menegur cara DAP yang begitu cauvanis cara dan langkah.

Adakah MCA dan Gerakan masih ikhlas dengan rakan lama mereka yang sudah melalui susah dan senang bersama?

Adakah ketika ini MCA dan Gerakan ketepikan BN untuk agenda DAP yang lebih kecinaan dari ke Malaysiaan?

Ikhlaslah, please.

katdog said...

People don't support MCA/MIC/Gerakan/PPP. People support Barisan Nasional. Why?

Because BN is the one that holds the purse strings of the country. You don't vote BN, you don't get 'development'.

Observe in Sabah, only BN held constituencies get allocated development funds. Penang never got the promised 25 million heritage conservation funding but Melaka got 30 million. Kelantan is denied their oil royalties. But Sabah,Sarawak and Terengganu enjoys their oil royalties as long as they are under BN. When Terengganu was controlled by PAS, oil royalties was denied them as well.

How many actually support MCA because of belief in its ideals and struggles? Pray tell me what are these ideals/struggles that they so fervently support? And how many actually support MCA purely because of 'monetary/business interests'?

Anonymous said...

While I agree that flames, trolls, and personal insults should be ignored, it would make this blog more interesting and mature, if the blogger would reply to the more polite comments and arguments, such as those above.