Sunday, November 28, 2010

Ketuanan Anwar Diperkasakan

When Mahathir was PM of Malaysia and UMNO President, most of the delegates went straight to issues related to their party, the Govt policies and the leadership. Hardly were there any Perhimpunan Agung UMNO (PAU) that sang praises of Mahathir like he was a demi-God.

Malaysians made him the Prime Minister for 22 years for his economic and political policies that ensured FDIs inflow and stability.
As we moved on from Mahathir to Pak Lah to Najib today, life goes on. UMNO was and still is as democratic as any party in the world. It was always the Government and Party first, never about any individuals.

From a "self declared political victim" in 1998, Anwar was then appointed as a De Facto Leader. Every ounce of that title symbolises dictatorial leadership, hardly any democratic element in it. (There's a de facto leader also in PAS by the way)

Today, in Wan Azizah's speech at the PKR National Congress, Anwar was immortalized as a "God sent leader" and not just a De Facto Leader.

Let's ask ourselves. Ever since he became the De Facto Leader, what reforms have been done and how influential is he among leaders of PAS and DAP?
  1. Any real reforms taken place in Kelantan? Kelantan is still talking about getting clean water. Read CTS's piece - Air bersih di Kelantan 17 tahun lagi

  2. Any real reforms taken place in Penang?

  3. Any real reforms taken place in Selangor? Selangor's economy is not good even after he became the Economic Advisor.

  4. What about Kedah? Kedah, contrary to Wan Azizah's "Ketuanan Melayu harus ditinggalkan", is in fact getting more discriminatory. Read Tan Keng Liang's piece - PKR should first abolish Ketuanan Melayu concept in Pakatan states

After reading Tan Keng Liang's article, we now feel assured that Barisan Nasional, led by UMNO, has been fair to all races all these while comparatively.

Anwar often travels overseas and he often speaks of his experiences and encounters with global leaders. Well, if Anwar was that influential globally, he would have attracted countless state level FDIs and ensured that the economy of Kelantan, Kedah, Penang and especially Selangor enjoy rapid growth!

Anwar is not God sent, never. God would never send such a person who prefers rhetorical speeches rather than delivery of results, political demonstrations rather than stability and hatred rather than peace. But like it or not, the Chameleon is now God-like.

Ketuanan Anwar Diperkasakan, Kedewaan Anwar Diperkenalkan.


Grand Marquis said...

If you notice in PKR previous convention (where the president was absent), the banner clearly written "Anwar Pengemudi Zaman".

See, it is not about PKR, but it is about raising Anwar status to demi-god.

What a farce.

Mazura said...

anwar.. Anugerah...????? BALA Besar untuk orang melayu baru betul...

katdog said...

For the period of Jan - Aug 2010,
Amount of Foreign investment approved, (in USD, top 5 states):

1. Selangor 1,010 million
2. Kedah 505 million
3. Penang 500 million
4. Johor 441 million
5. Sarawak 438 million

Amount of domestic investment approved, (in USD, top 5 states):

1. Selangor 795 million
2. Johor 507 million
3. Penang 306 million
4. Perak 241 million
5. Sabah 135 million

Total amount of investment approved (in USD, top 5 states):
1. Selangor 1,805
2. Johor 948
3. Penang 806
4. Kedah 595
5. Perak 530

The three PR states are among the top investment destinations in the country. So PR must be doing something right, right?