Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A good Prime Minister

  • Perak, by the way, announced a similar package for the State civil servants too ! I do know for a fact that all the civil servants work tirelessly everyday, especially those from Grade 41 to JUSA and Turus level.

  • As much as we criticize the civil servants for being lazy to act and think, I do somehow disagree at times. Some civil servants, especially those in the Grade 52 to Turus I work from 6.30am till 6.30pm, a complete 12 hour cycle.

  • And if needed to, they will even work till the midnight, just to get things done and going especially when it comes to National Budget, Taxation, Accounting, Auditing etc. Hey, even during preparation of policies !

  • Today, we do have among the fastest service related Customs and Immigration Department, if not already the fastest.

  • We have dedicated teachers, medical personnel and law enforcers and not forgetting, those who guard our borders at the Straits and jungles up North !
  • I believe the PM has all of them in mind, his "People First, Performance Now" transformers and leaders who work to serve the Malaysian community better at a competitive level.

  • Based on that, Datuk Seri, cheers to you !


Jimmy Tham said...

Beg to disagree. Majority are till not as competent not work as tirelessly as the private sector.

How many people falls under Grade 41 to JUSA and Turus level?

Yet, I am merely generalising here. Try calling Immigration or city council hotline and to be passed on to the relevant officer. However I do agree that military personnel and are still the disciplined lot putting their life at stake for our safety.

Lastly, I do agree cosmetic wise i.e. time needed to renew passport and stuff had improved, the core of the services are still mediocre at best. Things can improve further. =) By killing the chicken to scare the monkey, you could instill more discipline and better performance in the public sector.

Anonymous said...

tanks pm

katdog said...

Errr...Did you forget that it was the Penang DAP state government that initiated the Hari Raya bonus for Civil servants this year?

Anonymous said...

Penang government is in the oproces of demoloshing kampungs to give way to condos for foreigners.did u forget?