Wednesday, November 03, 2010

MCA accused of handing out RM

It is sad to see the level of politics today and how foolish Pakatan Rakyat's "value chain" can be. Right from the top of the Ketua Umum (sounds like Kim Jong Il equivalent by the way) down to the spin doctors led by the alternative media.

The public is against public funds mismanagement and corruption ESPECIALLY electoral vote buying practices. Clearly, this was captured when Idris Jala's PEMANDU organized the Government Transformation Programme lab and acknowledged that corruption is one of the National Key Result Areas.

The people are more tech savvy these days and with the electronic media as well as the social networking sites, the truth is out there and no one can hide.

Now, put yourself in MCA's shoes and think rationally if MCA will go around telling the folks that "hey, we are giving out money if you vote for us!".

This is like telling the people "hey, vote for me and I pay you cold hard cash, tell the world!". In other words, this is no different than MCA shooting themselves with a gun.

MCA might have their weaknesses but will never commit to such corrupt acts - crystal clear corruption lah my friend! Siapa percaya?

I wonder who was paid to spread the rumour and who organized the trips for the people to queue up at MCA for this "payment". The fact that DAP reps were present at the "queue" is enough for me to have my own personal interpretation.

As proven over the past years in every election, Barisan Nasional has always adopted the "rakyat friendly policies" such as welfare payments to the poor, better infrastructure and facilities, religious worship places, and schools.

That is the level of intelligence Barisan Nasional has and clearly, the "I buy your vote" strategy has never taken place. You should ask if PKR, DAP or PAS practices that in their own Party elections. Itu saya tak tahu lah.

Having said these, this one might be a different story. See this (I am not and I did not say anything. Just see the picture!): What do you call this

If that's not enough, consider this - PAS Offers Transportation Cost For Galas Voters

Well, the number of outstation voters was said to be 1557 people. That is RM 250 x 1557 = RM 389,250 cold hard cash budgeted to be spent by PAS for the by-election in Galas. If you ask me, that is a lot of money and it is RM 250 per vote!

Rakyat mudah lupa. Kita maju bersama Barisan Nasional.


Kaiser said...

Unfortunately Mr. Goh, your beloved PM said earlier this year to the people of Sibu: "You help me, I help you." Do you not remember this statement? In exchange for funds to solve flooding in the area they have to vote the candidate. Is that not bribery?

Why must the government be selective to development? Kelantan has oil reserves that Petronas reaps every year and nothing is given back to the state. Just because it is a state that is rules by PAS, they are left underdeveloped. When they were defeated with their tail between their legs, all the promises made during elections were forgotten.

If BN is sincere, honour your promises regardless if you have won or not. There's nothing cool about accusing PR for getting people to line up for the money. You accuse people of slander and yet you slander as well. Sinking to a new low, you are.

FranzBeckenbaur said...

Couldn't agree more with Kaiser. GWL, you moron of the highest order, isn't that what Mr 1Malaysia gestured to the people of Sibu? "You help me, I help you''? - crystal clear corruption lah my friend! Open your eyes and be more objective. Aren't you a trained economist? Even a fish monger can spot the similarity. If he were in one of the western democracies, he's be charged for corruption.

One more thing, the buffoon from Titiwangsa claims he doesn't need chinese/indian votes to win. What you say is 'true': "Rakyat mudah lupa. Kita maju bersama Barisan Nasional." Keep up the BN-ball licking

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha ha
They say that only the guilty will make statements like "What made you think I did....". Its a pyschological thing, never admit the guilt even when phrasing it in a rhetorical question.

GWL your still a young peduan when it comes to the art of spin selling. Not to say that you wont be a rich and succesful person but perhaps in the mould of the classic Mahas i.e. rich but lacking finnesse.