Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Teoh Beng Hock's Suicide Note

Less than a day after news broke out that there is "suicide note" written in Chinese (apparently by Teoh Beng Hock), one news portal was quick to add some spice, flavor and twist to it.

Read this piece : Ten questions about ‘Teoh’s note’. That is, the alternative media my friends.

Here comes my 10 questions.

  1. If it was an accusation note that accused the Government of brutal tortures when in custody by Teoh Beng Hock, will the lawyers say no and use all sorts of laws to disqualify it ?

  2. Why discredit the note with all sorts of questions when in fact it could change the course of the case ?

  3. Why worry about the case being analyzed from another point of view when in fact we are seeking the truth and provide an answer to Teoh's family ?

  4. Does it mean that the lawyers representing Teoh's family and the Selangor State Government planned to work towards a certain answer only ? (which probably is political prosecution of the MACC and Barisan Nasional)

  5. How do the lawyers evaluate the statements by Dr Shahidan Md Noor, Dr Dr Pornthip Rojanasunand, and Dr Peter Vanezis in the event that they all conflict ? (i.e. Will it be in the best interests of party politics or justice for Teoh?)

  6. What are the criteria used by the lawyers of Teoh's family and Selangor State Government to evaluate the case and how to proceed further at the Inquiry ?

  7. What if the case is really linked to the corruption cases, the scandals and the gangsterism links in Selangor and Teoh Beng Hock was really the one that exposed DAP Selangor to the MACC ?

  8. What if the lawyers for Teoh's family and the Selangor State Government suddenly realizes the above mentioned scenario mid way through the case ?

  9. Will the lawyers for Teoh's family and the Selangor State Government then say "Hey guys, damn, DAP and PKR caused this mess. They are the murderers and culprit" IF the hypothetical scenario is a reality ?

  10. Finally, if the hypothetical scenario and the political prosecution against MACC and Barisan Nasional are not realities, will the lawyers allow a room to study the possibility of a suicide ?

I urge the lawyers representing Teoh's family, the Selangor State Government and the Opposition to refrain from disqualifying the "suicide note".

Since the lawyers are from the Opposition, I also believe that they should all step down as there is a clear cut evidence that conflict of interest arises. Kit Siang and Son, Karpal Singh and Son, as well as the DAP warlords know this.

So, where is the Truth for Teoh Beng Hock ? Where is the real, genuine, sincere Justice for Teoh Beng Hock ?

The sensational story making forensic expert is expected to testify in Court soon. It is going to be interesting since she said the case is 80% homicide.

Time to revisit this blog also - - as we begin to explore other options to sincerely seek justice for Teoh.


Anonymous said...

You are not Chinese but a pariah dog Omar Goh. You end is near. Trust me, you unemployed faggot!

Anonymous said...

DAP killed, murder their own man to protect the satanic face of theirs. KEADILAN UNTUK BENG HOCK. DAP pembunuh ,kaki rasuah...KEADILAN UNTUK BENG HOCK....

MJ said...

Here is one question! Why did the A-G waited until the tail end of this Inquiry to produce this "note"?

And if you want to talk crap why don't you commment on you MCA president's crap.

I guess it is true that all MCA's people are brainless!

justice4otk said...

Only the Opposition politicians speak the truth , they are Angels in all sense . BN people are all devils , that's their rational devilish mentality .

As for me I believe the Devil whom I know rather than the Angel whom I do not know .

Suicidal Note said...

The most important things is that the actual death of TBH can now be ascertained.

Anonymous said...

Because they want to discredit what Pornthip going to tell in the inquest.

Anonymous said...

DAP's anjing kurap:-

1. Anon 9:00PM - need any more prove on why TBH was called to testify?

2. MJ - boiling in his pant when kena batang hidung sendiri

3. Anon 4:48 disillusioned fortune teller who simply wants to avaoid what is right infront of his face

katdog said...

To be fair the suicide note could be genuine. We are not qualified to judge.

But then again, i believe such 'ambushes' (a hallmark of Malaysian courts) serves to further reinforce what a complete joke the justice system in Malaysia is.

That such an important evidence could potentially have been overlooked had the policemen not taken a fancy and decided to look through TBH's belongings again.

And worst, that the AG had withheld knowledge of such a crucial piece of evidence until 10 month's later when the inquest was coming to an end.

What a joke, that the AG needed time to 'verify' completely that the letter was genuine.

Firstly, this evidence was submitted by an officer of law. Does our own AG doubt the word of our officers of the law?

Secondly, wouldn't it be faster if all parties had been given copies of the letter so that each could conduct their own thorough investigation to the satisfaction of all parties involved? What is this obsession by Malaysian authorities to always hide possible evidences until the last minute?

And lastly, it takes our officers of the law 10 whole months to verify the authenticity of a single letter? What a joke! At this rate. how do we expect the MACC to catch actual criminals where officers would have to potentially scrutinize hundreds of pages of documents/financial statements etc. to pick up the trail of corrupt criminals?

Anonymous said...

GOH WEI LIANG IS TRULY BRAVE YOUNG MALAYSIAN CHINESE HARDCORE OF MCA BREED! This piece of writing will chart the future of his political ambition and remembered in the Malaysian political arena should MCA appoint him as head of Putera MCA.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous 10:18:00pm: typical BN lapdog who only knows how to slander and chide but with zero substance whatsoever. How nice of you to remind us how pathetic BN supporters still are.

As for this article, all avenues of research, including suicide is always a possibility and should be taken into account but the fact is he has plenty of reasons not to than to commit this act. This does not absolve MACC of any sins on why would they let TBH die in their custody, they are still at fault. The funny thing is why is the Government and GWL so intent on proving TBH killed himself rather than finding why he died? What secrets was he might be hiding, etc. Was he involved in Tee's scandal etc. These are questions need to be answered, not a suicide note that was 10 months late.

Anonymous said...

"Remember what Mahathir said? If they can come up with Avatar, then they can do anything – and this Mahathir should know."

Jimmy Tham said...

Very interesting comments here fellow brethren.

Good morning there.

Dear justice4otk,
To be frank, you're such a disgrace to your ancestor. They braved the deep sea and torrential storm to reach what was known as Tanah Melayu in the past, not knowing what lies ahead of them and to escape the poverty back home. For you to shrek from trying out the angel *shake head*. But the irony is, if your ancestor had stayed put in China, you could be fare better off than you're now. Yes, blame your ancestor for not sticking to the Devil that they had known.

Anon 6.27pm,
Couldn't agree better. And for Khalid to come up with that dodgy camera as a proof BN is trying to spy on him. I think he overestimated BN's dumbness. If they could use a pinhole camera to record CSL's adventure, what makes them think BN has to use that big fat chunky thing? It's really hilarious man.

Anonymous said...

What's the fuss? The DAP will now find or manufacture another letter and tender it as 'new evidence' too.

So, the case will drag on till the rivers flow upstream.