Friday, October 15, 2010

Dear MCA

There are questions which I believe no one can answer me and I doubt even MCA leaders can answer. Come on my fellow friends and leaders in MCA, prove me wrong.

Convince me, dear MCA.

  1. What does MCA mean to the learning youth, to the trader, to the executives n to the man walking on the street?

  2. What is MCA to kids in schools, to youth in colleges, to working class in offices, to professionals in suites?

  3. What can MCA offer in 13GE to the Malaysian Chinese that DAP is not already doing? What about to other communities?

I believe if MCA can answer these questions and work towards this directions, then we are all good. We can then walk to PM Office in Putrajaya and tell the PM, "Sir, rest assured. You have the Chinese votes in the bag".


Anonymous said...

i doubt MCA could answer all these questions. Wanna bet? All they know is politicking...question about 30% bumiputera equity and how to reduce it.

1Portal untuk 1Malaysia said...

MCA currently carries a huge liability in its SexPrez. Ong Tee Keat would make a better president. If you go to the ground and ask those Chinese hawkers, they look up to Tee Keat, but as usual in a towkay party, the delegates have the most powerful say, hence making much of the Chinese community "tulan".