Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Dinar PAS Untuk Semua

I am extremely impressed with the silence by DAP leaders. A news search disappointed me actually. Where are the brilliant Economists and lawyers of DAP ? MCA challenged you, but you chose to duck.

I have several questions for you guys on PAS Untuk Semua.

  1. What are the legal and economic implications of the dinar currency implemented by PAS and the State Government ?

  2. Was that a PAS Government policy or Pakatan Rakyat Government policy ?

  3. Was the decision endorsed by the Supreme Council of Pakatan Rakyat or we actually don't have a Pakatan Rakyat but we have a DAP Government, a PKR Government and two PAS Governments (i.e. pecah belah dan perintahlah sesuka hati) ?

  4. What are the professional and political opinions of the "two most prominent Economists" of Malaysia - Tony Pua and Anwar Ibrahim, the RM 1 Advisor to Selangor ? Why don't we do it in Selangor too ?
  1. What is the Islamic policy of Pakatan Rakyat and how does DAP juggle this together with the PAS Untuk Semua ambitions ?

  2. If Pakatan Rakyat eventually wins the General Election with PAS emerging as the largest victor, will DAP say yes to a PAS-led Federal Government ?

  3. Has there been any opposition to date by members of DAP and PKR towards PAS policies and vice versa ?

  4. Are these all hush-hush close door style or kowtow system which does not fall under the FOI Bill ? (Mengapa semua fail BN diletakkan di bawah FOI Bill tetapi semua isu PR bukan main sembunyi di sini sana ?)

Now guys. In one hand, we have Barisan Nasional.

As much as some of you hate the previous policies while some appreciate the achievements of the past, we have today several master plans called the
  • Government Transformation Programme (kicked off);
  • Economic Transformation Programme (kicking off); and
  • New Economic Model (kicking off).

All these falls under the People First Performance Now concept. Unfortunately, when we look at the other hand, we have
  • PAS Untuk Semua;
  • Middle Malaysia; and
  • A New Dawn
Seems to me each party in Pakatan Rakyat is racing to be the "leader" of the pack and outdo each other to be Prime Minister.

There is no clear plan of what they intend to do together besides creating chaos and overthrowing the Government. Any Pakatan Rakyat geniuses care to explain, minus the profanities and unruly behaviour (guys, you need to grow up) ?

Hello, you cannot just run a country by digging up every dirty burrow or hole in every corner of the country and expect to create miracles in generating income for the millions of Malaysians.

I believe people are wiser as the days go by and I am confident that in the next election, Datuk Seri Mohd Najib Tun Razak will receive a 2/3 mandate.


Bingai @ Bangang said...

Bro Goh,
God bless us All!

Aku yang Bingai
Dinar Emas - Bukan Idea Tun Mahathir? di Tendang Terajang

CommonerNinetyNine said...

"...people are wiser as the days go by..."?

when it comes to politics, it is not always as you are expecting. politics are very personal thing, same as religion.

do you see many pr followers like talking with facts? or pure allegations? or worse, pure lies!

this time is more on human nature, i.e. for the sake of wanting to change. so, i would not bet the current administration would be retained in the next ge.

just like the japanese in their recent ge. they chose a party to lead which with no experience and track record, but for the sake of wanting to change and the benefit of doubt, they go for it. but what happen after few months?

i only worry one thing, the japanese learn fast, i.e. after witnessing that their choice was inappropriate, they take actions to limit the damage, but i'm not sure malaysian would be like them.

i have heard pr followers say something like this: if the bn have 50+ years to play around, then pr should be given the same amount of period to prove themselves! omg!

sorry to say, i personally believe we are doomed here!

katdog said...

So when UMNO wins the most seats in the next GE, are the MCA chinese going to be happy with an UMNO-led government?

A government that has let the state of our schools deteriorate to such a point that the situation as below is now practically common place?

(Sungai Petani) A while back, there was an article published about a headmistress making racist remarks. Now there is another case where a sekolah kebangsaan principal insulted the Chinese students.

The principal forbids students from eating inside school.

During the school assembly, the principal mocks and insults the Chinese students, suggesting that if the students are not happy about being forbidden to eat during the fasting month, they can buy air ticket and go back to China.

The parents of the students were unhappy with the conduct of the principal, and wants the Education Ministry to sack the principal.

The principal admitted to saying that but his meaning was misunderstood by the students. What he meant was that if fellow Malaysians cannot respect other race’s cultures, those people can go back to their country of origin.

A Form 3 student, who wishes to remain anonymous, said “On that Wednesday morning (18th August), the sky was still dark and the lights were not switched on in the canteen, so a group of 20 Chinese students gathered and have breakfast together in the canteen area. The principal walked up to them and questioned why are they eating breakfast there”

“During the assembly, the principal made an announcement forbidding non-Muslim students from eating anywhere within the school area during the fasting month. He went on to call non-Muslims students ‘biadap’ and for being disrespectful to the Muslim students for eating during the fasting month. He also said, if the Chinese students are not happy, they can go back to China and don’t have to come to study at national schools (sekolah kebangsaan)”

“At that moment, most of the Malay students at the assembly clapped and praise. One of the malay teacher who was there at the assembly walked up to us and told us that AirAsia is offering cheap tickets and that Chinese students can buy those tickets to go back to China”

Not happy with what the principal said, the students went back and informed their parents of what happened at school.

WL said...

Couldn't agree with you a Gerakan member, I have asked Sec-Gen Teng Chang Yeow or Gerakan Youth to issue a statement on the Kelantan Pakatan Rakyat PAS-led govt on the dinar and dirham monetary system and ask what is Pakatan Rakyat in particular DAP stand on the use of the dinar currency. TQ

Jimmy Tham said...

I would think it's simply a waste of resources. Further reinforced the fact that politicians regardless of their belief are the same.

What puzzled me is, if the authorities could bring this matter up to court, wouldn't they had already done so? Or Kelantan did nothing wrong at all? Was there a loophole in our constitution?

Anonymous said...

Actually, Dr. Mahathir had also previously suggested the use of the Dinar and Dirham monetary system.

So if Dr. M already advocates the use of such a system, then PAS can't be all that wrong in implementing it right?