Monday, November 02, 2009

MCA searching for answers

As MCA struggles to find the solutions for the largest leadership crisis and power struggle in history (from President to Central Committee), we begin to realize and sense the need for an authoritative figure in MCA.

UMNO has Dr Mahathir, Tengku Razaleigh and Najib as authoritative figures. PKR has Anwar Ibrahim, DAP has the Lims while PAS of course has Tok Guru Nik Aziz.

MCA ? No one. We do not have fatherly figures in MCA. Someone must stamp their mark and discipline the naughty boys in MCA, don't you think so ?

If Nik Aziz is not around in PAS, the Party will be divided into factions. If Anwar is not in PKR, the Party will split. You see my point?

Indeed, we want to see democracy but once we have carried out the democratic process, members of the Party must uphold the democratic principle and concept.

MCA must learn to understand one concept of democracy. When you are a democratically elected leader, you are entitled to make autocratic decisions.

This is a fact in all democratic systems in the world and one concept which MCA leaders have failed to grasp.

For now, Tee Keat is widely known as a no-nonsense man and commands the respect of many. With the right moves and game plan, Tee Keat can be the authority in MCA.

If you ask me, I have a slight preference for new party polls instead of the Greater Unity Plan.

This will end all the campaigns, factions realignment and all internal party politics once and for all before Barisan Nasional enter the 13th General Election.

It will also deny opportunists to act like Anwar Ibrahim by saying "we have the numbers, we have the support" and go for another round of a veiled "Save MCA Campaign" which in truth is just a tactic to elevate one's political career at the expense of those already at the top.

MCA needs to end the impasse soon. It is becoming increasingly difficult for pro Barisan Nasional and pro MCA bloggers to market the Party in the blogosphere and among the people.

Also, there are MCA bloggers who voice their support and campaign for particular leaders in the Party. The bloggers are divided according to the people they support, not the Party.

The current infighting will only make matters worse. When bloggers campaign for the leaders they support, we tend to overlook the long term plan.

If the supported is still at the top and the opposed is also holding office, and when we go into the Elections, can we go in as a team to win it for the Party ?

How then can the supporters of every individual leader answer the questions of the people when asked on issues related to the opposed who happens to be in the same Party and holding office also ?

To make it simple, how can pro Tee Keat men answer questions related to Dr Chua ? How can pro Dr Chua men answer questions related to Tee Keat's team ?

When we enter the Elections and when we go to the ground, we do not walk in as pro Tee Keat, pro Chua or pro Liow men. We go in as a team and we exit as a team.

Pro Chua men must be able to argue for and support Tee Keat and Pro Tee Keat men must be able to argue for Chua.

The same applies for the third force supporters where they must also be able to argue for Soi Lek and for Tee Keat when the need arises such as during Elections.

The question right now is are we able to do so ? Are all MCA members, Central Delegates and Central Committee members able to handle, argue and market the Party this way ?

If we cannot do such things, then MCA is still in a checkmate and I believe not many are able to.

Some of us can do it, definitely not all. But "some" is not enough. MCA must mobilize their machinery as a team and not have contradictions at any point in time.

Otherwise, the election machinery and campaigns by MCA and Barisan Nasional will be jeopardized and provide ammunition to the Opposition.

The big players at the moment are Tee Keat, Soi Lek, Tiong Lai, Mei Fun and Ka Siong.

There are also other politicians of the past who are playing a role in the current leadership struggle such as Tan Chai Ho and rumours circulating around Chan Kong Choy and former Sec Gen Ong Ka Chuan.

MCA is running out of talents and fast losing out to DAP whom have gathered well trained professionals and attracted young talents over the years.

The future is bleak for MCA if former leaders are not here to guide the Party but to make a return. The future is bleak for MCA if current leaders are not united behind the President and always conspire to topple the leadership for personal gains.

One good advice that Tun Dr Mahathir once reminded Barisan Nasional recently should be repeated in the ears of MCA members and leaders.

Today you could win Party Elections and positions but you would still lose the General Elections because the people would not support you.


Anonymous said...

I do not support Ong Tee Keat. I do not support Chua Soi Lek. But I want to kill the snakes - Liow Tiong Lai, Wee Ka Siong, Chew Mei Fun, Khong Cho Ha etc. I want to kill the crooks like Chan Kong Choy and Chor what his name. Hence, I will support one who will and can exterminate these bastards.

Anonymous said...

These bastards will be hard t0 k1ll.

All road$ lead to UMNO.

so they are protected species.