Friday, November 20, 2009

Strategic Moves in MCA

Dear friends, members and leaders of MCA,

To begin, A PIECE OF MY MIND has all along been a supporter of Ong Tee Keat. And I still am a supporter of Ong Tee Keat.

But let me point out certain things that I don't think is proper and could have been done in a better way.

I am not a yes-man and I want the best for the President, MCA and Barisan Nasional. Allow me to begin my ramblings.

Sometimes in politics, "doing nothing" is also a strategic move.

Anwar Ibrahim and Pakatan Rakyat kept on hammering Najib with allegations and policies. Yet, Najib took it like a man and did not stoop low to play the "personality and private" card.

Otherwise, Anwar Ibrahim and Pakatan Rakyat's leaders are in trouble. Najib went on to even enjoy tea with Anwar Ibrahim, the man whose supporters are calling the Prime Minister "Najis" and "murderer".

How ironic and such hypocrites among our Opposition leaders !

So anyway, Najib "did nothing" to them. And I believe so should have Tee Keat and his supporters. "Do nothing" can be a strategic move.

The Chinese community initially were unhappy to see the 3rd force led by Liow Tiong Lai, Chew Mei Fun and Wee Ka Siong as they are portraying their ambitious side and greedy characteristics.

Now, the people are wary of Tee Keat's move. Even the Press are playing the news as though Tee Keat is a dictator.

The President since the 10-10-10 EGM has been under heavy fire from all sides, internally and externally. This is a fact which we cannot deny.

Decisions made on his own will naturally be seen as a dictatorial move, although authoritative - one which we need in MCA but the timing of decision was not right.

Sometimes, there are many ways to deal with things. Tee Keat should have made the decision together with the Central Committee or at least with Deputy President Dr Chua Soi Lek.

This is to ensure that the burden of responsibility is spread among those who made the decisions. Tee Keat's image stays intact this way.

Collective decisions are seen as "more democratic" than individualistic decisions. In fact, it would have been better if the President had said that

"after a thorough consultation with the CC and the Deputy President, we have decided to reshuffle the Presidential Council to ensure 1MCA 1Team gets underway in preparation for the 13th GE"

That way, the responsibility and burden are spread - not just centred on the President alone in such testing times.

If and only if Tee Keat had announced that it was a collective decision, then, the ball game is different and perception will still be better.

Also, as we prepare for the 13th General Election, we must remember that
  • Liow Tiong Lai is the Vice President of MCA and Penang MCA Chief
  • Chew Mei Fun is the Wanita MCA Chief
  • Wee Ka Siong is the Pemuda MCA Chief

In Pemuda MCA, the split is apparent with two factions - one under Wee Ka Siong and one under Dr Mah Hang Soon.

In Wanita MCA, the split is also apparent with two factions - one under Chew Mei Fun and another under Heng Seai Kie.

Supporters and members of MCA will be confused with the order of rank and seniority in the Party.

Do we follow the orders of Dr Mah Hang Soon and Heng Seai Kie or do we act on the orders of Wee Ka Siong and Chew Mei Fun ?

Remember that both Wee Ka Siong and Chew Mei Fun are still constitutionally and legally the elected Pemuda and Wanita MCA Chiefs.

To be honest, I worry only for the machinery and strategies of MCA in the 13th General Election. The lines have been drawn in the political battle internally in MCA.

I fear only the probable sabotages or boycotts among MCA warring factions.

Do not forget that Chew Mei Fun and Wee Ka Siong still hold the strategically powerful Wanita and Youth Chiefs position.

My advice is simple and clear cut.
  1. If we want to chop something, we might as well chop it all the way. Do not chop things half way.

  2. If we decide to chop things halfway, we might as well adopt the "do nothing" strategy and let their popularity fizzle out.

  3. If we chop things halfway only, the wounded might be even more vicious and when under such pressure, they will tend to do all sorts - even to the extent of executing the proverb "if I drown, I will make sure we all drown together".

I heard that there are dirt in the backyard of the 3rd force.

So why not dry the dirty linen in public and make them go down on their own, instead of sacking which will earn them sympathy and put a dent in the President's image ?

I would say it is a good move to be authoritative, but the delivery methods or the style is wrong. The timing is also wrong.

As such, again, I question Tee Keat's political strategists. Please don't send Tee Keat straight into the wall and don't ill-advice the President of MCA.



Anonymous said...

To talk about today's MCA, we have to go back to the past and investigate the events leading to today. Since the time of Ling Liong Sik and Lim Ah Lek, there has been team A and team B. There are cliques here and there in the MCA. I suspect that even before LLS and LAL, there have been factions but quiet, peaceful ones. Then the troubles grew during the time of Ong Kah Ting and Chan Kong Choi. But MCA is still under control. The catalyst that cause MCA to go out of control is the scandal which nobody wanted to choose to keep quiet. However, there is much support for Chua Soi Lek and many MCA members voted him back in. If MCA members believe in democracy, then they should have just let CSL do his work peacefully. But one person is determined to erase him off MCA, prompted by others like him. We have to investigate the political career of Ong Tee Kiat. Why is he so hard hearted on CSL ? Why does he feel so personal about CSL and wants to get rid of him by hook or by crook ? Was OTK wrongly treated in his political career that he swears to himself that if he is the leader, he would get rid of the people who make his life miserable? A revenge. Surely he knows that CSL is elected by the MCA members. Why does he want to go against the wishes of the MCA members ? Does he not believe in democracy ? If MCA wants to clean its' act, surely they would not vote for CSL. To make sure CSL does not come back again, OTK appointed Liow Tiong Lai to be the deputy. If you are LTL, you would think twice before agreeing to become the deputy because you should know that it does not seem right to fire CSL for no solid reasons except the one that happened some time ago. Even that is not a good reason because it is his private life and it is not his official work which he has been handling well. It looks like OTK is such an unforgiving and so sensitive man. Just like an emotional woman who cannot forgive and forget. So that was the first chapter. Second chapter, suddenly CSL is allowed to come back to MCA. What does this make MCA look like ? Clowning monkeys ? Both OTK and CSL make up and choose to end their conflict. So what happens to LTL ? A toy to be played with and throw away when the child gets bored ? Remember, LTL is holding one of the very important ministerial post. Chapter three, out of the blues, nine MCA members are expelled from their leadership roles. 9 in exchange for 1 ? It is more acceptable for a lady to cry. Suddenly a man who is supposed to be a leader cries. I can understand that they have sacrificed so much for the party and being loyal to the leaders. For them, it is a stab in their backs. Did UMNO tell OTK to be so cruel ? Nothing is in favour of OTK. The more he tries to do something " good " so to speak, the more troubles he creates. OTK can be god and can be devil. This proves that he is not a clever politician. While all this is going on, what happen to the Chineses out there ? The Chineses would not care for MCA anymore. Instead, they will care for themselves. If anything were to happen, they would not run to MCA. They would do it themselves. It is an embarrassment that the leader himself cannot keep peace within his party and it looks that he is destroying the party without him realizing it. Or may be it is his secret wish to destroy the party. He gets his wish when he expelled the nine members from their leadership role. Solution. All present leaders will become advisors. New leaders will be faces which are unfamiliar. Then start all over. Build the foundation and later the structure.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Goh

I think you are a closet WKS/CMF supporter

Brutuses Observer

Goh Wei Liang said...

Haha. Anon, I am not a closet WKS/CMF supporter.

I have been a supporter of Ong Tee Keat since the beginning when he was running for President of MCA position.

Browse through all my blog articles and you will know.

Just because I am telling Tee Keat and his strategists that what they are doing is wrong, doesnt mean that I am on another camp's boat.

Only idiots and yes-men will tell the President "boss, no problem. what you do is right. good good. go ahead".

Those are the people whom Tee Keat must be wary and be careful as they ill advise the President and mislead the President to hit the wall.

I speak what is in my mind and if I see that the methods are not right, I have to voice out to make sure it is right.

Otherwise, I won't even bother and let Tee Keat and his supporters crash.

I write and speak out because I care. And I have reasons why I support Ong Tee Keat, which I need not tell everyone in the world why unless I am under heavy fire.

justice4otk said...

Brutuses Observer

Goh is an OTK supporter .

Anonymous said...

Dear Goh & Justice4OTK

Since Justice4OTK has testified for you, I believe you and you have my humble apologies.

Brutuses Observer

Goh Wei Liang said...

Brutuses Observer, don't worry my buddy. No hard feelings :)

Everything is good. Keep the ideas and thoughts sharing session flowing !

Anonymous said...

A good man really does nothing. The moment you do something, you will be criticized to death. There is really nothing that can be done.

Therefore, it is better to do nothing. Doing nothing means doing no sins, and without sins, you become a good man.

That is why there is this cynical term :