Monday, November 16, 2009

Selangor Bangkit

The project Selangor Bangkit is a project to call for politicians and the people to rise against the Opposition ruled State Government.

However, I sure hope that no one does anything rash and irrational this time to spark another CONSTITUTIONAL or POLITICAL CRISIS.

It has to be done with the backing of the people, no matter how legal or Constitutional the crossovers are.

We are already facing a tough time convincing Perakians to support Barisan Nasional again and allow the people to see the behaviour of the Pakatan Rakyat assemblymen.

Having said these, I am a little bit disappointed with the Barisan Nasional team as Opposition in Selangor.

Subang Jaya ADUN Hannah Yeoh recently posted an article to show to us the "performance" of the BN ADUNs.

From Hannah Yeoh's blog, the following were pictures taken during State Budget 2010 Presentation.

Barisan Nasional ADUNs - 7 out 20 in attendance, sometimes only 1 ADUN is present. How do they function as effective opposition if they are not interested and diligent? [the BN-friendly ADUN from Port Klang is hardly seen at the assembly, hop or not - makes no difference]

Seeing such things, I wonder if any Key Performance Indicator (KPI) will be carried out on Barisan Nasional Representatives in State Assemblies and the Parliament.

Many BN reps are sitting on "safe seats" at their constituencies.

BN has safe seats just like Pakatan. The same analogy applies where if BN nominates a Tree to run in the safe seat, BN will also win.

But safe seats don't last long and after 2 or 3 series of General Election, the support will be getting weaker.

So, Najib and Muhyiddin should consider a KPI on elected reps based on
  • attendance in State and Parliamentary sittings,
  • time spent at constituency service centres
  • and other key points.

The Opposition members are attending many of the State Assembly and Parliamentary meetings, if not all. Surely, we can learn a value or two from them.

The pictures by YB Hannah Yeoh really disappointed me and I am highly unhappy with the Selangor BN ADUNs.

I have heard far too many comments of ADUNs and MPs who are not visiting their constituencies and not attending Assembly sittings.

Please, SHAPE UP or else, do not run in the next election !


Anonymous said...

Saudara Omar Goh,

UMNO doesn't care whether you are happy or 'highly unhappy with the Selangor BN ADUNs' !!! Who are you anyway ???

Omar Goh, stop thinking so highly of yourself lah, you think you are the 'Godfather of UMNO ar ??....hahahahaha !!!


Anonymous said...

Politicians come from the same mould.

During campaigns, you see them at the market, kissing babies and making promises that are too good to be true. They raise their hands showing all five fingers, indicating 'see you in five years time'.

After the election, they play hide and seek all over again.


Goh Wei Liang said...

Haha. Chandra, it is either you are naive or opposing for the fun of it only.

It is like pro Pakatan bloggers writing about Pakatan. Hell, does it mean that Anwar wont give a damn whether they like Pakatan State Governments or not ?

The same applies here. Each and every opinion of the people are valued, just like yours Chandra.

And by that, I know who I am talking to :)

Alright, thanks for being such a loyal reader.

Yes Anon, I agree that after elections, many people disappear. The election battle should move back to the drawing boards of "services to the people", not some conspiracy theories.

Anonymous said...

Good warning given to them , from both camps !

Buckle up or be kicked out.Their allowances and ADUN are from us , the tax payers so if they are too lazy to attend,quit and start to find other job.
I sure want an Adun like Wee from Wangsa Maju that even add DBKL column for us the rakyat to parallel complain our grief.I dont see much politiking in his website or even on ground.I saw even a before and after picture of action taken after the public lodge a complain.This is what we want.PROVEN SERVICE.
BN Selangor can sure forget about the Tawan campaign if they cant even attend DUN debate.


Anonymous said...

UMNO /BN don't need to perform or turn out mahh...
they just use money to buy the kataks & then takeover. why work so hard?