Friday, October 30, 2009

Time Bomb ticks in MCA

Words have been said. Campaigns were carried out. The events that unfold pre 10-10-10 MCA EGM can hardly be wiped off from the minds of all.

The damage and pain inflicted on both sides surely cannot be overcome with just a handshake.

The wounds cannot be hidden simply with clever make up and medical skills. Neither can we restore torn clothes with patch works and still treat them as good as new.

Wounds remain wounds, torn clothes remain torn clothes. Both sides suffered badly and this is a fact we must not let slip from our minds.

  1. How can Soi Lek work with the man he accused as a nonsensical person ? I remember the time when Soi Lek labelled Tee Keat as the "Grandfather of all nonsense".

  2. And how can Tee Keat and his men work with Soi Lek's team whom they have accused as a tainted leader evidently from the recorded sex video and with questions on the Ministry of Health land issue?

Also, there is the issue of a third faction in MCA. When Datuk Ti Lian Ker said there is a third force in September 2009, no one believed him. Some in fact rubbished Datuk Ti's claim.

Today, the reality is clear. MCA is now officially the classic repetition of the Romance of Three Kingdoms - team 1 by Tee Keat, team 2 by Soi Lek and team 3 by a coalition of 3 leaders (at least).

Who are all those exactly in the third force ? No one knows for certain the complete list.

Currently we have three people in the frontline who have become allies and grouped together to form MCA's third faction - Liow Tiong Lai (Deputy President), Chew Mei Fun (Wanita MCA Chief) and Wee Ka Siong (MCA Youth Chief).

Are there any more ? I am sure there are. The third force's tentacles do not end with the three giants in MCA (as named above).

In fact, those close to Tee Keat could also be contributing to the plot in bringing him down.

When Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat grabbed headlines throughout the year on various issues, I began to have suspicions and have voiced out before.

There were cases where I felt Tee Keat was misguided - such as the PSD Scholarship criteria - and at that time, I hypothesised that there are people within his fold who is giving him the banana skin to slip and fall.

I might be wrong but Tee Keat must be on alert and spend some time reshuffling the MCA team as well as reevaluate the positions of his aides.

Having said these, I wonder what was in the meeting between Tee Keat, Soi Lek and Najib that dished out a greater unity plan (GUP).

Surely, the GUP was not just to tell Soi Lek and Tee Keat to shake hands and get back together as a team. There has to be a plan to reinterpret the 10-10-10 EGM and a plan to turn things around in MCA (with so many tigers on the same mountain), no ?

If no is the answer, then things are not good in MCA.

Now there are 16 Central Commitee members who want a new EGM with fresh elections to solve the party crisis.

Surprisingly, the same group of leaders (Team 3) were against the idea of elections when Tee Keat first floated the idea until the GUP came in to solve the impasse.

The GUP was dished out by the President of Barisan Nasional. Perhaps if the 16 CC members want to walk down the lane of another EGM, they should first tell Najib that they don't want the GUP.

Team 3 should also explain to the President of Barisan Nasional why at first they rejected the fresh elections and now they are all for it. Their moves seem to have undermined and belittled the efforts of the Prime Minister.

One clear problem is now in MCA with three factions living under one roof.

We await to see how all three sides can work together especially during elections. Different people have different ideologies and strategies.

The fragile relationship between MCA leaders regardless of the GUP might actually jeopardise Barisan Nasional's election machinery.

My opinion ? A time bomb is ticking in MCA's politics.


Anonymous said...


I think this brohaha in MCA now is due to a subversive act within MCA to damage the party severely.

The one who stands to gain from this bickering in MCA is DAP. Don't you think DAP has got something to do with this???

Mohd Syameer Firdaus said...

The MCA-leadership crisis is now at the worst level, I've no idea what will happen next...pening kepala betul... As what you wrote, we now have three group of people in MCA and now I do think the third-party people should act immediately to prevent the crisis from worsen between the two leaders.

MerLin said...

TLK was called a worm by Chow (smelly) Mei Fun. She instructed her state wanita chair to abuse TLK. Aiyo tis aunty aunty never read his blog but scold people no need capital one la