Wednesday, November 04, 2009

MCA : Ong - Chua signals unity

Previously, I raised several pointers. To begin making my point, allow me to repeat what I wrote over the past two weeks briefly.

  • The current infighting will only make matters worse. When bloggers campaign for the leaders they support, we tend to overlook the long term plan.

  • If the supported is still at the top and the opposed is also holding office, and when we go into the Elections, can we go in as a team to win it for the Party ?

  • When we enter the Elections and when we go to the ground, we do not walk in as pro Tee Keat, pro Chua or pro Liow men. We go in as a team and we exit as a team.

  • Pro Chua men must be able to argue for and support Tee Keat and Pro Tee Keat men must be able to argue for Chua.

  • The same applies for the third force supporters where they must also be able to argue for Soi Lek and for Tee Keat when the need arises such as during Elections.

  • The question right now is are we able to do so ? Are all MCA members, Central Delegates and Central Committee members able to handle, argue and market the Party this way ?

  • If we cannot do such things, then MCA is still in a checkmate and I believe not many are able to.

  • Some of us can do it, definitely not all. But "some" is not enough. MCA must mobilize their machinery as a team and not have contradictions at any point in time.
Recently, the Registrar of Societies (RoS) reinstated Dr Chua Soi Lek as the Deputy President of MCA. This surely puts the 3rd Force in a dilemma and a very big one.

If we bother to check the recent news and from Dr Chua's blog, the man himself has offered a goodwill gesture to Tee Keat and his supporters.

Today, Dr Chua is speaking out and ready to even argue on behalf of the President as well as the Party (MCA). The signals are clear from him.

Again, the observant types will notice that Tee Keat is also returning the goodwill with friendly and warm receptions to Soi Lek through his statements and recent appointments in the MCA Central Committee and Bureau Heads.

As far as the signals are concerned, the once warring factions - Tee Keat and Soi Lek - are ready to unite under one umbrella and under one aim which is to reinvent, reform and rejuvenate the Party that upholds the 1MCA 1Team formula.

This is a combination of two top MCA leaders' manifestos and the best we have ever seen in history of the Party (if they can work together, that is).

Questions might be raised for Tee Keat's supporters on their attacks targetted at Soi Lek pre EGM and the same for Soi Lek's supporters who slammed Tee Keat pre EGM.

Of course, as I said, not everything can be forgotten and the Opposition leaders and supporters will make use of this opportunity to say "eh last time you all attack him, now you support him?"

Yes, when we were asked to choose between the two and decide, opinions were divided.

The analogy is clear.

If we are asked to choose either nasi lemak or roti canai for breakfast whereby both are our favourites, we have to choose only one no matter what and provide our justifications for our choice. If we are given the option of having both, of course we will say, why not ?

Soi Lek's track record as Minister of Health is still intact and very much appreciated by the community and MCA, including Tee Keat's supporters.

That is why during the pre EGM period, none from Tee Keat's camp attacked Soi Lek's record but only questioned his private affairs.

Tee Keat's track record as an MCA leader, a Chinese community representative and of course as public servant in various Ministries are also very much intact.

None from Soi Lek's camp attacked Tee Keat on his track record but merely voiced uneasiness over Tee Keat's style which analysts said that seem to clip Soi Lek camp's wings.

Now, Tee Keat and Soi Lek's supporters are ready to work as 1 team now, and no longer involved in an "either you or me only" political battle.

This should be sufficient for us supporters and bloggers to answer any questions raised from here on. We have work to do now for MCA and Barisan Nasional as a whole.

The 3rd force's political moves are now in a checkmate position.

The Chinese community, if the leaders bother to put their ears to the ground to listen, is saying that MCA leaders are showing their greedy nature for power and positions.

If the 3rd force still wants to proceed to battle, then be prepared for the backlash from Tee Keat's camp, Soi Lek's camp, the MCA and Barisan Nasional machinery as well as the Chinese community.

The ball is now in Tiong Lai, Mei Fun and Ka Siong's court.


Pemuda UMNO Permatang Pauh said...

Now that everything is back to where it should be. We really hope Team Liow should rethink about their request for another EGM. It will make things worse. Perhaps they should just wait and think about how to gain back support towards MCA rather than destroy the party. BN just cannot be as strong as before if MCA is cripple.

wong said...

bor liow, wee kor, chew mei mei, gang of 3 shld withdraw and submit to the united front of ong n chua.they did a coup and caught red handed..there is no grace on this.
be it a deterrent to other.

look forward they be removed from governemnet post

Anonymous said...

but but but... you're attacking Chua a few weeks ago? No? Oo, my mistake. I forgot you can choose both nasi lemak and roti canai now. By the way, BN MP is attacking Mr Ong in the parliament. What do you think?

Goh Wei Liang said...

Thank you Anon for the comments. Allow me to respond. Yes, when we were told to make a decision and choose only one, we had to present our decision and justifications on why one is better than the other.

Today, there is no longer a "either you or me" battle and both are united. As such, if we can have two, why not?

Just like how DAP and PAS where their ideologies differ greatly. If the people must decide only one, we will see divided opinions on why DAP or PAS is better than the other counterpart. However, if they both come together, people will say, why not?

As for Seri Gading MP's criticism of Tee Keat and Tsu Koon, the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister have closed the case and the matter will not require further comments.

Thank you for visiting APOMM.

justice4otk said...


Politics is the making of the impossible , POSSIBLE .


Suggests you read into THE ART OF WAR by SUN TZU .

Mohd Syameer Firdaus said...

and allow me to add that the 5-men of the MCA disciplinary committee has decided to resign after the reinstated of Soi Lek by the RoS.

Anonymous said...

So it means that making the impossible to become possible is the main reason why politics are so complicated? Now I get it why it is possible for someone who fall from the 14th floor can end up being classified as "suicide." Thanks for the answer.