Monday, November 23, 2009

Where Tee Keat-Soi Lek erred (1)

I will be publishing a "2 parts series" to point out where the MCA President's political team have erred and lay out what Tee Keat should do. Why ?
  1. I do not want to be a hypocrite.
  2. I do not want to be a Yes Man though I support the President.
  3. I do not want to provide analysis only when everything is too late.

It is best that I talk now for the sake of the President and the Party. True friends and supporters will not only
  1. point out your mistakes (to avoid repetitions and encourage improvements)
  2. but also help you to see the light and walk down the right path to success.

I shall begin with something light and easy for this Part 1. I refer to the article " MCA : Waiting for DPM to call for talks ".

If the article is not a report of the true events in Ong-Chua-Liow negotiations, then I am willing to retract this blog article.

According to this article, both camps have already negotiated and agreed to a conditional fresh party polls.
  • Team Ong-Chua agree to use the 2400 delegates platform but wants it in 6-8 months time to allow the leadership to explain the GUP

  • Team Liow is happy to use the 2400 delegates but wants it in December 2009

The disagreement lies in the timing of the election. Here comes my unhappiness over the method of arguments.
  1. The only strong reason to hold the elections in 6-8 months is because we want to use a more democratic platform which is direct leadership election system.

  2. If we argue that it should be held later with the current 2400 delegates platform as we want to explain the GUP, this is not a strong enough reason.

  3. Team Ong-Chua is also saying that they have about 70-80 percent of the Party support. But to me, this argument provides loopholes for others to attack.

  4. For example, if I may ask, why fear the fresh party polls in December since you have the 70-80 percent support and why bother going around explaining the GUP ?

  5. The fresh party polls can weed out the 3rd force right away in December IF you have the claimed 70-80 percent support.

  6. And after sending the 3rd force off to pack their bags with the claimed 70-80 percent support for Ong-Chua, won't the GUP become a reality and a dream come true ?

  7. So, the arguments 1,2, and 3 do not make sense at all and contradicts.

  8. Stick with the "direct elections" argument if you want to have it in 6-8 months.

  9. We can then use this to ask the 3rd force - Why hurry and why not wait for the installation of direct party elections ?

I can talk more on this. But I believe this is enough said.

I think Ong-Chua's camp is overly nice by giving in to so many of Liow's camp demands and antics.

And I hope if Muhyiddin and Liow wants fresh polls as solution for MCA crisis, then do the right thing with direct elections system.

Otherwise, I don't see the justification to hold fresh party polls with 2400 Central Delegates and I don't see why Liow's men cannot accept the GUP.

I even heard Liow's men were given many chances and offered good unity deals to accept the GUP. Both Ong-Chua are even willing to accept everyone with open arms under 1MCA 1Team 1Family.

So, be strong and uphold the reform agenda. Introduce and install the DIRECT ELECTIONS SYSTEM for MCA's leadership.

Anyway, after reading so many comments statements by various politicians, bloggers and supporters, I find that Tan Sri Robert Phang's thoughts are the best worded of them all.

Though I don't agree with some minor pointers (will be explained more in Part II), I can use just one word to describe his piece - CONVINCING !

Read : Forcing a settlement is not the answer

Team Ong-Chua should invite Tan Sri Robert Phang into their folds in MCA as I think he structures his statements brilliantly and very convincingly.


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