Saturday, November 14, 2009

PAS : Bullet proof image now gone

Over the past 20 years or so, people have always thought that PAS is perfect. At least, the supporters of PAS embedded such imaginations in their minds.

Putting it simply, PAS thought they were "kebal" (Malay word) or "bullet proof". Supporters of PAS have been carrying out slander and accusations against UMNO for many years.

Back in those days, UMNO was accused of betraying the cause of Islam. Leaders in UMNO were accused of being in the same boat with "orang kafir" (infidels).

By that, UMNO was accused of being allies with non Muslims in the form of Gerakan, MCA, MIC and East Malaysian parties.

Yet, UMNO did not bother to listen to the madmen in PAS who volleyed such attacks. UMNO continued to work with other races in Malaysia's unique multiracial society.

Hand in hand, UMNO promoted Islam not only through religious practices and developments but also through ideas revolving around finance, food and beverage sector as well as the wholesale markets.

While doing so, UMNO encouraged other races especially the Chinese to practice their rights. The Chinese and Indians saw development in many areas especially educational institutions and policies.

That is UMNO to me, and UMNO to you all except that UMNO is a traitor of Islam who works with infidels in the eyes of PAS.

Today, PAS ideologies have turned dramatically. Their stand have not evolved to assume a softer stance, somewhat similar to the concept by Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

PAS is willing to even sit in the same boat as PKR and DAP, a party that shouts through the microphone that Malaysia is not an Islamic state way before their alliance materialized under the umbrella of Pakatan Rakyat.

We sit here wondering why PAS can go knocking on the doors of DAP and say let us be friends when in fact, their objectives are different.

PAS aims to promote Islam and install an Islamic rule at the Federal level while DAP fights to maintain Malaysia as a secular state.

Moreover, we have always heard that PAS will accept the leadership of PKR and DAP.

But if you are observant, we have never heard DAP or PKR saying that they will accept PAS leadership at the Federal level.

A crisis looms if one day PAS wins more seats than PKR and DAP.

In fact, till now, pro PAS bloggers and their Party voice Harakah Daily are silent on the direction of the Party and on why they are working with parties that do not agree with their ultimate objectives.

The alternative media like The Malaysian Insider and Malaysiakini are also busy commenting on Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, the crisis in MCA and the direction of UMNO.

Guest writers are not even commenting much if any on PAS, DAP and PKR.

Many of the articles are only picking on the ruling coalition Barisan Nasional, some in a professional manner and many filled with promotion of hatred.

Perhaps, we now know why we are all encouraged to read the alternative media and boycott the mainstream press.

I dare say that we have been poisoned by a propaganda to read the alternative media as these web portals feed us news that are anti Barisan Nasional only.

PAS is confused and this is a fact. It was raised by delegates at the recent PAS Seminar but the seminar was more like a gathering to talk only with no actions or remedies.

Read : Who holds the PAS strings ?

Now, the crisis in Kelantan is getting stronger. Datuk Husam Musa's right hand man was sacked from Perbadanan Menteri Besar Kelantan, the State's investment arm.

He is also a staunch PAS supporter and blogs at

Syed Azidi denied two things and maintained his stand that Tok Guru's son in law will be a burden to the Kelantan PAS Government.

I would say, he was nice with his parting words by keeping the integrity and name of Tok Guru Nik Aziz intact. He did not attack or slam Tok Guru but placed the blame on the people around Tok Guru.

Read more here : Penamatan Kontrak Serta Merta

Things are now getting murkier in PAS Kelantan. Information has leaked out on Tok Guru's sponsored trip to perform the Haj.

In fact, I just found out that Pak Lah as former PM of Malaysia spent lesser than Tok Guru for his Haj pilgrimage. (RM23000 vs RM 65000)

More details on the background of the sponsors and their links to Kelantan have since been found and released. Read

PAS' once bullet proof image is now dented and people are sensing that things might not be what it seems to be in PAS.


Kenn said...

Well written article brother!

Just that, PAS extremists will still refuse to see, keeping their eyes shut, pretending to be blind on these issues.

They may say "See no evils" and continue shutting their eyes tight.

Anonymous said...

Well, for Omar Goh,UMNO is the best !!
Last I check, Najib has pocketed some RM500 million from the 'Submarine' deal and coupled with a mongolian women C4ed to pieces, also not to mention the multi billion RM squandered by BN in PKFZ !!

I guess Omar Goh will be the first Malaysian Chinese to be admit to UMNO as honorable party member upon his return from Australia!!

Well done Omar !!


wong said...

with hassan ali n pas youth..there be screwed sooner or later...pas is party of turbans !!!