Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Image and Perception of Tee Keat

To begin, I have to say I was happy to read this : Ong amenable to MCA polls in March 2010 and several other news articles these days.

Finally, some "good and positive" headlines from Tee Keat's camp. And it is the right way to argue things and it is a good effort to correct the perception of the people.

Indeed, Tee Keat was the first one who proposed fresh polls but the 3rd force declined. Now, the 3rd force act as though they are the biggest and loudest proponents of democracy.

As political analysts always say, don't underestimate tears and misleading information. It might be too late to correct and defend against those "misleading statements" by opponents in our bids to hold our fort.

Over the past few weeks, the newspapers have been harsh with their choice of words.

Some newspapers played it as though Tee Keat is a dictator. Don't believe me ? Come let me show you some headlines.

Ever since September 2009
, the headlines that Tee Keat had been grabbing were

Let us be truthful to ourselves. Chinese community are not unanimous in saying that Tee Keat is a great leader. Those who think so are either dumb or just simply ignorant.

Though I must say, a lot are describing Tee Keat as "Justice Pao" and this is one image which we must highlight more often.

We must also hear the dissent and opposing views whereby some are saying
  • Tee Keat is a dictator or
  • Tee Keat is corrupted by power.
  • Tee Keat did not keep his promise to go if he lose the 10-10-10 EGM
  • Tee Keat is afraid to go for fresh polls in MCA.

It is these clusters of people that we must target. We all know that Tee Keat has support (majority or minority, I don't know) in MCA and from the Chinese community.

But we must also implement "contain, control and treatment" steps on the opposing clusters to win their support as well. Otherwise, dissent might grow and it can spread.

At least, for now, I can see that Datuk Ti Lian Ker and Tan Sri Robert Phang are doing some "damage control" and correcting the misguided perception of the MCA internal crisis.

Again, my advice to the Presidential team. Work harder and improve your methods to avoid repetition of such "image and perception crisis" in the future.

Talk to the opposing clusters and win their support too !

I am not sure how much MCA can depend on the Press anymore especially Sin Chew these days except The Star perhaps. Some of the Editors and Columnists seem to have a personal agenda against MCA and the leadership.

I hope that the replacement of Simon Lim will get busy and counter all allegations or veiled agenda of some newspapers if "goodwill gestures" to the media are not kindly received and all other avenues fail.

My next article will be my 5 questions on the 28 Nov 2009 MCA EGM. It will be published tomorrow.

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Anak Permatang Pauh said...

Right now in my mind I see complicated situation in MCA. The greatest failure so far is they are simply ignorant and made Datuk Najib to come and intervene with the MCA internal problem. This eventually will lead to the perception of the people particularly the Chinese comunity that UMNO always intervene with MCA internal affairs.

The fresh election is the best solution so far and I hope every people will heed the call for it.

UMNO need strong MCA so that we can regain back Chinese support.