Monday, June 01, 2009

Trojan Horse in PAS - from BN or within Pakatan?

Allow me to share some humble opinions with PAS members, although I am unqualified since I am neither a Malay nor a Muslim.

This might sound awkward, but if you ask the Pakatan supporters, PAS members harbour hopes that their ideologies will some day be implemented at the Federal level by their own leaders (only PAS members).

I am not making this up because even Sheih's recent blog entry is talking about strategies to make PAS the dominant party of Malaysia.


The election of PAS leadership is coming and when PAS members decide on the next leadership, I suggest that they must also decide on the future direction of their Party.

Under the coalition of Pakatan Rakyat, do you honestly think that DAP and nearly half of PKR's members and leaders will support the struggles of PAS ?

If the Ulama faction holds firm with PAS struggles such as the formation of an Islamic country (which we already are), then why is PAS sitting together in the same boat as DAP that refused to recognize Malaysia's status?

If truly the new strategy is to make PAS the dominant party of Malaysia and place their President as the new Prime Minister of Malaysia, will the de facto leader of Pakatan Rakyat - Anwar Ibrahim - agree to that ?

More interesting to me is the question of the support for Pakatan Rakyat now.

Are they supporting DAP and PKR only and not expecting PAS to lead the pact ? What will happen if suddenly PAS comes out on top if that is the case ?

Is PAS being kept at bay to fulfill someone's ambitions to be Prime Minister ? Is someone only riding on the support base of PAS to Putrajaya ?

Many questions PAS members must think about.


The trojan horse in PAS is not from UMNO or Barisan Nasional. This horse comes from within Pakatan Rakyat.

These trojan horses are riding on the strong foundations of PAS from the Malay and Muslim voters throughout Malaysia that can rival UMNO's loyal supporters and voters population.

Some call the new group in PAS the " Erdogans " - named after the moderate Muslim Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

The young Erdogans are seen as moderate Muslims who are pushing for a more liberal and moderate Islamic ideology as well as compromising on many of their original objectives and struggles.

Whether or not the Erdogans are there to complement Pakatan Rakyat's pact if they win or they are truly pushing for their party to be the dominant one with their party's objectives, it is unclear at the moment.

Whatever it is, the young Erdogans and the Ulama Council of PAS must recall what their original objectives and struggles were.


Policies under Pakatan Rakyat will face a clash and a lot must be compromised someday if they are elected to govern our country.

When we compromise and agree unanimously on a subject, we must see what was washed away.

Is PAS compromising for Pakatan only while the demands of DAP and PKR stay on the table? Or are all 3 parties compromising on their respective party agenda to come up with a common policy?

The religion conversion issue involving Indira was one example of sweeping the problem under the carpet where all 3 parties cannot agree on a proper stand and decision.

Instead of coming out with a stand, they all came out and say they agree that the children must be returned to their mother (as though we don't know mothers are women and fathers are men).


PAS of course must not only decide their next set of captains but PAS must also reconsider the direction of the Party.

The leadership need to alter the objectives and struggles of the party if they have changed course because confusion will occur among the members and their leaders like in Perak.

Just listen to what this man said.

I doubt the Ulama Council will accept such comments from a top leader who was at that time the Menteri Besar of a State.

PAS is in a state of confusion now. The trojan horse in PAS is not from UMNO or BN. It is from the person we all know but have kept denying.

Thankfully, in Barisan Nasional, we all compromise equally and come out together to share the same ideology and struggles.

Rationally, PAS should stay out of Pakatan even if they choose not to join Barisan Nasional - as advised by Tuan Guru Nik Aziz.

I stand corrected for this writing.

(Credits to Daylife, Guardian, Malaysiakini and NST for the photos)


Cucu Tok Selampit said...

I thhink you're ther my friend.

Saya Rakyat said...

I used to support PAS. And I can't agree more with your post.

I'm so happy and surprised that you would put the Sultans picture and how you uphold the principles of Rukun Negara (Kesetiaan kepada Raja dan Negara).

With that, I salute you.

Anonymous said...

Dear PAS members,

When pro-BN/UMNO bloggers and Utusan Melayu keep nudging you to leave Pakatan Rakyat, THAT is prove that you are headed in the right direction in Pakatan.

Time to head to Putrajaya and unseat UMNO/BN.

Goh Wei Liang said...

Bro CTS. Nice clips on Wajah-Wajah Anwar. Thank you Saya Rakyat. I have always held true to the Ikrar I took when I recited my Rukunegara for the past 20 years.

Anon, when DAP and PKR tells PAS to stay in the boat and not leave, this shows something is very wrong. I rather vote a party which knows what they are fighting for than a party who is blind and clouded.

I am waiting to see what will happen if Sheih's analysis and strategy comes true and PAS dominates Pakatan Rakyat instead of being a minority partner that has to compromise in every case while DAP and PKR stay in control.

That time, come back and we can talk more :)

If PAS wants to stay in Pakatan Rakyat in the same boat with PKR and DAP, then their core principles and objectives must be altered.

Again, I have no problems with PAS staying in Pakatan. As long as they are clear of what they are doing - rather than being a bunch of confused politicians.

Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

Blogger : ...Thankfully, in Barisan Nasional, we all compromise equally and come out together to share the same ideology and struggles.

same ideology? how's that?
what happens when the body snatchers came for the indian converted dudes?

what happens when your malay teachers in class keeps lecturing about the uncleaniless and hygiene of pig pork eaters? mind you - this is a mathematics class.

i don't see any sharing in struggle. just everybody say yes to UMNO.

Pak Chiu Cheng

lordapes said...

Dear Goh Wei Liang,

you are more Melayu than some of my friends. you think in a more islamic way than some of my muslim friends. i salute you. i wish to know you and may we be friends in the future. because of you, i cease to be a racist and acknowledge that there are malaysian of chinese descent out there that have no personal agenda other than making Malaysia progress further.

Thank you. :)

Anonymous said...


Are you freaking kidding me?

Anonymous said...

Dear Goh, You should chance your motto from "without fear or favour" to " WITH FEAR OF JAIL,TRUTH, JUSTICE AND WITH FAVOUR TO BN AND ITS CRONIES".You don't even dare to answer some obvious questions and hiding behind LAW and TAAT SETIA kepada Sultan.You choose and pick what yoiu want to believe, never mind that's your right.My opinion is you are trying very hard to apple polish the BN?UMNO.Why? Because you know your father is just a supervisor in a factory and apparently you are not his heir to his ample wealth and businesses, so you have to make sure you have a good job ready when you return to Malaysia next year, hopefully in a GLC company with a good post and good salary, right.Fine, everything is alright but you doing by selling yourself and your principles( if you have any),you are just stepping on other people's struggle and use them as a stepping stone to advance your career and your future career.In a way you are not much different from Hee Yit Foong of Jelapang.The ironic is both of you are from Perak.You condemn RPK and Hindraf and PR and DSAI, but you didn't dare to talk about lost of billions in PKFZ but when people mention about it, you said it has no prove.Prove is something you have to dig very hard in Malaysia where ISA, OSA ,sedition act and so on are the core business now adays.What right you have to talk baout people whom have and had sacrificed alot for a just nation.Please come out of your shell and BE A HUMAN BEING , leave your political ideology behind and think like a human being.Like buddihist saaid'the path to truth is hard to find, but when you find it, its like heaven in earth" God BLess you

Goh Wei Liang said...

Well anon, as I said, if you can prove that my dad is very rich, ample wealth and business, feel free to go to the press and come back to this blog or even set up a blog.

Am I apple polishing BN ? Do you remember the days when APOMM slams Pak Lah and Khairy Jamaluddin like there was no tomorrow ?

Do you remember the days when APOMM ridicule DS Nazri Aziz ? Well I guess you have forgotten.

Pardon me, but when did I say it has no prove ? The PKFZ story. Show it to me. Do not make false accusations just like Pakatan Rakyat leaders.

I condemn RPK because he does not respect the rule of law. I condemn Hindraf because after all the screaming of Indians being discriminated, what the hell have they done ?

Opposition holds 4 States and they continue to kiss the hands of these leaders. They here refers Hindraf leaders.

Buddhism is about compassion of the heart and peace loving. And I know what my ideologies are, my friend.

Why choose to be yes-men of Anwar Ibrahim's Pakatan Rakyat when their leaders are equally discriminating like in Kedah ?

What happen to the loud voices like yours ?

Cronies, so you say. In China, people call it guanxi. In the United States - land of freedom and democracy - people call it networking.

So what are actually cronies? PKR, DAP and PAS are accused of dividing the Alam Flora Concessionaires in Selangor by a Deputy PKR Chief from PJ.

Is that cronyism or justified ? The affirmation is not seeked by me but by people like Pakatan Rakyat and their supporters where they go around saying "yes ... you are right".

But just listen to Aminah Tape, and the PKR Deputy Chief in Selangor. I merely highlighted issues that are wrong while Pro Pakatan blogs continue to highlight Barisan's mistakes.

Is that wrong ? Are the leaders in Pakatan worthy of the status of Prophets that they are the religion itself that cannot be questioned for they are the wisest of us all ?

Perhaps, you are the one who needs to think but I shall respect all opinion. After all, freedom of expression and democracy is flourishing in Malaysia.

Btw to the Anon who said "lordapes,Are you freaking kidding me?".

I know who you are. Thank you for all the comments all these while. I take it like a man that I am. Will you take my comments like the person you are ?

Friends will always be friends however. I shall cherish it and not let political differences get in the way.

Anonymous said...

"Is that wrong ? Are the leaders in Pakatan worthy of the status of Prophets that they are the religion itself that cannot be questioned for they are the wisest of us all ?" That was your statements. I repeat the same question to you.Are the leaders in BN and all the sultans in Malaysia worthy of the status of Prophets that they are the religion itself that cannot be questioned for they are the wisest of us all ?"
I hope you really know me bcoz I have to use public cafe to voice out my comments otherwise ISA will be waiting for me. If that's what you call freedom of speech, let be it.

Goh Wei Liang said...

Totally agree with you anon ! Not all BN leaders are good and some are incompetent, some have fishy activities and many more ! These leaders must face the court of Law.

ISA won't be waiting for you just because you make comments. Take a stroll along the pro BN blogs and you will realise the hundreds of profanities and anti Govt comments.

Anyone got arrested ?

Haha. You know the answer better than I do.

Also, the status of the Sultans in Malaysia are enshrined in the Constitution of Malaysia.

I agree it was BN that limited the powers of the Malay Rulers but only to the extent of criminal activities.

However, guesssssss what ? Pakatan Rakyat wants immunity for the Malay Sultans ! Immunity ! The party which you support !

I have video evidence on this, if you want to go to the option to say "You liar, you don't have proof".

I am a fighter and I don't succumb to intimidation. I hope my rights as a BN supporter and the freedom that are entitled to me under the Constitution is respected by people who do not agree with BN.

Otherwise, why criticise BN and label the party for limiting the freedom of the people ?

shamshul anuar said...

Dear anonymous,

I beg to differ. Merely voicing support to principle of BN govt cant be construed as apple polishing.

As for PAS, it may not realise that its support among the Malays is reducing as to that of UMNO.

PAS leaders may not realise or choose to ignore the Malay sentiments that question its unwavering support to DAP which Malays feel has an anti Malay attitude but so adamant in refusing any talk with UMNO.

PAs may choose to ignore the signal. Remember that its Malay vote in Bukit Gantang is lower than that of UMNO.

What does this mean. That UMNO is gaining upper hand on Malay votes . I find PAS attitude is mind boggling. in 1998 PAS Vice President condemned Anwar as "aljuburi" but now they are the best of friends.

Surprise as it may seem but I find UMNO is rather tolerant. You publish idiotic statements in Harakah or rubbish in DAP Lim Kit siang's blog, but no action is taken.

Tony said...

Given the state of the country after many years of governance by BN, I simply cannot bring myself to agree with your post Mr Goh. Not to say that PR would have done better but at least a change of government would indeed bring about a paradigm shift which is desperately needed to bring the country forward. The change would also teach BN leaders a much needed lesson. My unhappiness with the current government came about from few issues as I will list the below. I had never been interested in politics until the rise of PR which gave me hope to the alternative. Maybe they are just as bad but can hardly be worse.

1) when oil price went up, the rakyat did not benefit. Instead every other thing went up and caused inflation. Who benefitted? Someone did. Was this planned mismanagement?

2) PKFZ. Blatant corruption in the deals made.

3) Perak. UMNO had chosen not to listen to the voices of the rakyat.

4) PDRM. They are probably the most corrupted bunch. I am sure you have heard of experiences from your friends. They have failed in most ways. Certainly they have failed to protect the people.

5) Every year we hear about the same old sad story of brilliant students failing to get scholarship or entrance to public universities. We all know about how totally 'merit' the meritocracy system is.

6) Every now and then we hear of UMNO leaders telling us to balik Cina. How can we do that if we are citizen of malaysia? Will China accept me as a citizen?

Jimmy Tham said...

It's funny when we see a pro PR blogger came up with a piece of article and all pr diehard fans run towards and embrace it and vice versa =)

I don't know what's the boo haa with this erdogan or ulama stuff. The way I see it, PAS is at a crossroad, and if there's a major shift in organisational behavior, it will entail certain degree of confusion. At least PAS is grappling with changes and the only constant is changes. Parties that do not change and had not change for the past 5 decades *ahem* will probably be cast away or extinct in the near future.

I wonder why most people portray erdogan faction as bad in this case, trojan horse. Interestingly, looking at both Iran and Turkey (both buddy buddy neighbour and of the same religion). 1 is at the extreme end of fundamentalism and the other is secularism. Wonder if any of you know that each turkish serviceman has to swear by the constitution to protect Turkey's secularity and as such there was a bit of a standoff last year between the president/prime minister whose wife wears a burkha or sort?

I don't know if BN professes equality as I've been debunked many times by pro-BN bloggers in the like of Bigdog and his fans. Like the utusan fiasco of late, if past history is of any good indicator, The Sun was stripped off its license for some time and a few chinese press had had their license not renewed before too. But BN can always say Najib is not a big fan of force and censorhip so as such an apology from the paper will do.

Anonymous said...

If you think Pas's struggles are in the name of Allah and Islam, you will be disappointed .. Other than a few beards and kopiah here and there, it isn't much different than other political parties UMNO, MCA, PKR, DAP and the others .. They are the confused lots, especilly after their big wins in MAtrch 2008 .. Like other typical politicians and political parties, htey are showing their true colors ..