Sunday, June 14, 2009

Mainstream Media - MarGeeMar's Story


An article came to my attention yesterday. The latest MarGeemar article partially sounds like it is targetted at APOMM Editor (at least that's what I think).

"You don't need a Masters in Economics to figure out that the Main Stream Media in Malaysia are owned by BN linked companies. When you go to the MSM and attack your party and its leaders, you are in essence prostituting yourself to the Evil BN/Umno regime. The MSM is already spinning on overdrive against PR. The Evil BN/Umno regime has also got so-called political analysts such as the maggot Siva Murugan Pandi(an) to deceive the Rakyat (People) that all is not well with PR. If this is not enough, the Evil BN/Umno regime have young punks in their early twenties to spin their lies with the hope of influencing young voters to turn against PR. It's indeed very surprising that these BN cyber troopers who are in Universities have so much time on their side to spin in their Blogs when they are supposed to be focusing on their studies. "

Being in University, I am not sure if MarGeeMar experienced University life before, we get 12-16 hours of classes a week. Of course I have time to blog ! I should be asking the Pakatan Rakyat bloggers instead who have 9 - 5 pm jobs and yet they blog every single day ! Don't you have a job to do ?

Again, this goes on to prove that my opinion is confirmed to be true. Tenets of Pakatan Rakyat - Intimidation, Defamation and Affirmation Seeking

The blog postings of the Opposition cyber troopers are definitely filled with elements of anger, hatred and very unacademic. But I shall not step foot into such waters. Instead, let us walk point by point on the "Evil BN/UMNO and their links to the Mainstream Media".


I am surprised with MarGeeMar's piece actually about the Mainstream Media. Let me provide you with an example.

The Chinese newspapers were once accused of being MCA's invisible hand even though Tan Sri Tiong Hiew King took control of them - dailies, newspapers and mainstream.

Yet, MCA's President recently filed a report against an article by Special Weekly (Chinese daily) owned by a company under Tan Sri Tiong Hiew King.
So does this show that the accusations are baseless ?

Also, note that
  • it was and the Mainstream media that gave attention to Lim Guan Eng and Lim Kit Siang's tantrums on fishy land scams in Penang as well as the PKFZ scandal.

  • it was the MSM that provided Anwar news headlines like claims of injustices, corruption and abuse of power.

  • reporters followed Anwar and Nizar during the Sept 16 fever and the Perak State Assembly fiasco. Those articles in NST and The Star definitely did not help BN's unity and image !
  • Deepak Gill's letter about the Controversial Freedom Festival 09 in Malacca to the Editor of NST was published and that letter could embarass or implicate the Minister, Chief Minister and Religious Dept, surely it will also cause a few votes to Barisan Nasional.

The mainstream media is undeniably linked by a certain degree to Barisan Nasional political parties.

But newspapers like NST and The Star have thousands of employees - of which a large percentage are independent-minded journalists who do not have guns aimed at their heads to support Barisan Nasional.

Many journalists were also daring with their ISA review articles such as the once famous ISA on bloggers fever.

Barisan Nasional journalists write that kind of spin and articles all the time that will hit the Party badly ?

It is also the evil Barisan Nasional that gave national news to PKR's impressive party reforms in terms of leadership elections. So evil are these Barisan Nasional's linked media companies till they frequently allocate national news to PKR, PAS and DAP on their calls for reforms.

If the Editors are so draconian and pro Barisan Nasional,
  • you can be sure to see no letters from readers that slam the corrupt practices, abuse of power and the Government decisions

  • Anwar, Nizar, Nasharuddin, Lim Guan Eng and Zaid Ibrahim won't even see themselves in the newspapers that slam the land scandals in Penang, the fight against corrupt practices, comments against our Prime Minister and many more.

The people must at times calm down and think rationally. Do you think the above snapshot (Zaid on Tun Dr M) will be splashed out in our newspapers if Malaysia does not have any Press Freedom at all ?

For the record, Mainstream newspapers do not report only political news like Harakah, Suara Keadilan and Rocket. They provide news on weather, accidents, business, entertainment and lifestyle.

It puts some "fear" in me and think whether the ruling party aims to influence what clothes we wear, what music we should hear and what stocks we should buy or not.

Or are the arguments by Pakatan Rakyat supporters and leaders merely politically motivated ?

I leave it for you to judge, my friends.


Jimmy Tham said...

Well.. You don't need a bunch of independent journalists to do the job. *wink* you just need a "good" chief editor to guide them in their writing.

Well.. I'm pretty sure The Star did try their best to portray it as neutral as possible but I'm not sure the same can be said about Utusan and BH.

But one have to agree that sometimes it is best to read those MSM to balance out your view. Too much of the same food everyday is not good for one's health I would say.

Just like how pro-BN bloggers will swear by their parents name that Anwar is gay and the justice is there in the court, PR bloggers will swear by their parents name as well that it is not.

Funny thing is, the argument used by certain BN bloggers that the court is fair is a bit vague. They said, well, Anwar did used the court to counter sue on Anifah and Tun M, which implies that Anwar has faith in the court to proof the other party wrong. Well, let's put it in my style, if the court is the only avenue for you to voice your grouse and however slim the chance is would you still give it a try?

Or in a layman's term, if one day, you're lost in the jungle, you found a pile of poo or dead animal and you're starving, will you eat it? Can I then say you like to eat poo and dead animal? *grin*

Anonymous said...

You are a greatest spin doctor -ah

Anonymous said...

dear lim,,

these pkr and dap people always think they are the best in everything..masuk bakul angkat sendiri..

poor zaid look cheap to me..kah..kah..put him in penanti maybe rakyat kelantan love ex umno,,his drinking habit is popular to win vote..kah..kah..thumb up to pkr to collect all the rubbish thrown out by umno..thrash

Anonymous said...

Mr Goh, I enjoy reading your blog postings as it gives me an alternative view from the pro-Opposition blogs. However, I don't see why you are going after Margeemar as this Blog (Blogger) doesn't seem to be bothered with you and your writings and also seems to publish in full all comments against itself, the Opposition or RPK even from you. I don't see any rebuttal's or apologies forthcoming from Margeemar. In fact, Margeemar published your Blog postings uncut and without comments. So why bother highlighting Margeemar. Your Blog is just you, while Margeemar, as much as I hate to admit it has an array of writers. I always wondered who or what Margeemar is. It certainly isn't one person running the Blog as the topics covered are too far and wide for one person to handle. I understand that just like RPK spewing his filth from Brisbane, Margeemar is doing his from Oman.

Anonymous said...

*deng deng deng*

Round 1

Manifesto 1 : Margeemar 0

Makan BN, Tidur BN, Mimpi BN said...

Hidup Tun M

MJ said...

Of course the MSM has to report on the various political news that is going on! They have to "try" to look as neutral possible!

But it is the way the write those reports that is manipulative and deceptive!

For example when those UMNO goons came into Parliament and threaten Kapal Singh. The way The Star reported the news was simply disgusting!

Seriously! Tell me how much UMNO is paying you to maintain this blog?!? The money must be good huh!

Tony said...

There's this writer under the guise of Awang Selamat writing seditious stuff on the MSM telling us to be grateful and to stop challenging the tuans. Well, my take is that if we want to progress as a nation and not continue backslding, we have to stop this kind of mentality.

UMNO has been promoting these sort of mentality of the people for reasons best known to them. MCA is happy with whatever crumbs that falls their way as a result of this culture. We certainly do not expect action to be taken against Mr Selamat. If someone else not from the superior race were to write an article belittling the efforts of the superior race, you can certainly expect ISA to spring into action. Remember how they took Teresa Kok and some journalist into detention for reporting facts?

So sometimes, we wonder why the double standards. No matter how you spin to justify your thoughts, at the end of the day, who are you trying to kid. Where is your self conscience? How to progress if all we are interested in is trying to promote ourself under some hidden agenda.

Anonymous said...

I don't have money to study oversea. You are lucky. You can go Australia, somemore have time to 'hentam' the opposition. For what? For whose benefit?

ChotS said...

hey Mr again..well the snapshot is cheap though..not prove you realize that there are no stories of Manohara cases..I don't read NST and the star online..I don't know maybe they published there but at my office I read NST and The Star everyday..but still no Manohara cases..why..?????

anyway..i read oppo and pro BN blog and the me you will see the truth..