Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Big Blunders in MSM , Credibility of Malaysia Today

As I was doing my daily news reading this morning, I realised two headlines in two different newspapers (Mainstream Media - MSM) that are totally contradicting !

1. English as SPM compulsory subject : Majority says aye ( NST )
2. Many object to making English a 'must pass' SPM subject ( THESTAR )

Seems to me that NST received feedbacks from professionals, VIPs, Educationist groups and several NGOs while TheStar's report is based on an Education Ministry ongoing survery.

Whatever it is, using the word "Majority" and "Many" don't seem proper yet. If both claim that their sampling is random and sufficient to model a true population, then I think they better start choosing a new journalist or Editor.

Contradictions like this in MSM that try to tell us the opinions of the people rarely happen. So what does the majority say now ? Hmm.

One thing for sure, APOMM says AYE to PPSMI and English as a must pass !

Perhaps, this is apparent to the Opposition that the press has a very high degree of freedom and not ruled with an iron fist ?

Don't bother telling this to the Opposition and their supporters. They will never believe us. For example, if we talk about RPK, they come in droves to defend him.

I am sure many of you saw the video of "Police Brutality" in Malaysia Today recently. Contrary to many's beliefs, the video was sent by Obefiend to test out the credibility screening of Malaysia-Today !

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linkinstreet said...

I was actually thinking the same thing this morning. How can there be 2 differing reports on the same issues?
Oh well, at least most of the major bigshits up there want to make Engrish compulsary.