Saturday, June 27, 2009

RM 10,000 Taser

I first read about this piece from OutSyed The Box : Tasers for the cops. It is indeed a progress upwards where Malaysian police reduce their reliance on bullets and guns.

For those who are big fans of Tasers or are curious to know more about them, this is a detailed information of Taser X 26. Check it out HERE.

From NST : Tasers gun in use soon, I quote

"Federal police logistics director Datuk Mashuri Zainal said although the force had taken delivery of 210 units of the stun guns, known as the X26 electronic control device, which cost RM2.1 million, last year they have yet to be distributed to personnel on the ground."

Syed Akbar Ali pointed out something worth taking a look too. According to a website brought up by OSTB, the Taser X26 costs only $1098.

In fact, I did browse through the internet and found one website for a slightly lower end X26 model that even provide a $100 rebate and total cost is just $899. (This model comes with digital power magazine (DPM) only while the higher end one has Extended DPM)

Assuming that it is the highest price we can find online at $1098, and the exchange rate that time was still pegged at 3.825 (some bought in 2003, and exchange rate is now lower after depegging in 2005), the "extreme" cost is RM 4199.85 .

That will be a difference of RM 5800.15 than what the RMP is paying now, or in percentage terms, 138% more.

To be fair, the RM 10,000 per piece might include additional supplies of cartridges and future technology services from Taser.

I am saying this because the Houston City Council once had a similar contract but they clearly outlined that the costs were for additional equipment, technological services, cartridges and the Tasers.

Perhaps the RMP Logistics Director can come out and explain. I surely don't want to see another screwdriver-digital camera absurd payment episode (Sports Ministry).

This clearly shows that it is time for the RMP to have a Media Unit that talks to the press professionally. Nitty bitty things like this will spark a hoo-haa in the public and the blogosphere.

The Royal Malaysian Police folks have always been in my good books for busting drug syndicates, prostitution rings, the many heavy weighted crime gangs and many more.

This will surely put a dent to it. It will also hurt the image of the thousands of loyal, sincere, and true crime fighters in the Police force, if there are any wrongdoings involved.


Jimmy Tham said...

Great. =) Then we'll have less cases of prisoner dying in police lockup. Police will have a new toy to use with when interrogating criminals.

Anonymous said...

"The Royal Malaysian Police folks have always been in my good books for busting drug syndicates, prostitution rings, the many heavy weighted crime gangs and many more."

Either U are blind or just plain ignorant of the things around you!!

Would you like me to give you a real tour of KL?
I will show you all the drugs, illegal 4D syndicates, prostitute ring and and etc that are in plain view in KL. Most of which are near a Police station!

That comment of yours is a joke!

Tony said...

Am afraid I have to agree with anonymous. Your apple polishing has gone a tad too far don't you think? Our beloved PDRM is probably the most corrupt amongst the civil service. And it does not appear to me that national security and safety of the people is on its list of priorities. What talking you, Mr Goh? Please lah, at least try to sound a bit more realistic and reflect your understanding of the actual condition. Bodek also must at least look genuine lah.

Anonymous said...

I have already said!
This guy is paid to do it!

One of BN's cybertropper!

At least tell me how much you get paid lah!

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't be surprised to see a Goh Wei Liang becoming a political secretary or politician (in BN of course) in the near future. This guy is paving the road for his ascent using his blog.