Wednesday, June 03, 2009

5 Questions to Pakatan and Muktamar PAS

QUESTIONS - Pakatan & Muktamar PAS
  • Are the Erdogans in PAS working to push the party forward as a dominant force in Malaysia ?
  • Or are the new faces in PAS there to limit the party and complement the draft of Pakatan to make Anwar Ibrahim the Prime Minister of Malaysia if the coalition wins ?
  • Will PAS still enjoy the support of Pakatan followers if they turn out as the dominant party in Pakatan Rakyat instead of Anwar, PKR or DAP ?
  • Will Anwar Ibrahim and DAP's top guns give their unconditional support to PAS President and Deputy President as the new Malaysian leaders ?
  • Will PAS get the lion's share in seat allocations or will they be treated as a third ranked coalition partner in the coming 13th General Election ?

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By the way, the MB of Kedah must be very uneasy if the Erdogans win the PAS Elections because he has a land policy that is so "not 1 Malaysia", "not Malaysian Malaysia" and definitely "not free market" system than any other leadership in our country.

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Datuk Husam Musa, a great man in my opinion, recently said in an interview that PAS will be an advocate of "free market" ideology.

Finally, a PAS leader with an economic stand.

But again, I call out to PAS leaders (whoever wins the election) to clearly outline the struggles of the party especially if they have changed course.

Otherwise, we get another contradiction of Muktamar PAS and Dewan Ulama PAS against former Perak MB Datuk Seri Nizar Jamaluddin's "No Islamic state" statement.

Or even worse. We get a case of sweeping everything under the carpet by Pakatan like the case of Indira and her children.

p/s I wonder what is in Anwar Ibrahim's mind especially there are writings in blogs among PAS strongmen on strategies and machineries to make PAS the dominant party in Malaysia - surpassing their partners in Pakatan and replacing UMNO. He must be having sleepless nights.

(Credits to The Star, The Nut Graph, and Malaysiakini for the photos)


Anonymous said...

Anwar Ibrahim is very happy.

A strong PAS can only lead to the total and complete termination of UMNO.

And the only person who wants to kick UMNO out more than Anwar Ibrahim is Tok Guru and me.

I'm very happy!

lebai said...

The DAP has right from its existence opposed the setting up of an Islamic State in the country on grounds that the Federal Constitution provides for a secular State. - This is what Karpal Singh said long ago.
So, I called on the DAP to pull out of the Pakatan Rakyat if the party failed to get any commitment from Pas on the implementation of Islamic state.

Jimmy Tham said...

Indeed. This I'll have to agree. Strange bedfellows. It's like a gung ho marriage. A pair of lovebirds who believe in love in first sight and getting married while in the midst of their hot steamy affair only to regret it later.

Mohd Syameer Firdaus said...

what's 'Islamic State'?! Now we are already an Islamic State but with a multi-racial people that have different religious views. But we live in a harmony and peace world all this while! So what's more they want?!

Anonymous said...

Fully agree that the MB Kedah must be pissing in his pants now!
The bumi quota issue as highlighted in your previous article shows that he is a BIG POTATO! Look at his photo......

Tony said...

Please look at your own backyard first lah. What have our beloved leaders from UMNO and MCA done with PKFZ? These 1Malaysia leaders are cheating the rakyat, the very people they vow to serve with integrity. Pricewater House's report is courteous but it certainly does not take any rocket scientist to interpret what the underlying intentions of the top management from the political masters were. Can you sincerely believe in these crooks anymore? I do not know what your intentions are but at present in seems to be far from being noble.