Saturday, June 06, 2009

Muktamar PAS - A Victory for Erdogans and Ulama

Over the past few days, the 55th Muktamar PAS saw many speeches which only confirm political analysis that there are two factions in the party now.

After seeing the results, we can see that the divide in PAS is apparent and great.

The Erdogans won a big share of the Central Committee while the top 3 leadership remains under the Ulama faction.

Significant focus was also given on Nizar, the man who questioned which page under PAS Constitution or objectives that they are setting up an Islamic State - a battle point for the party since establishment. (Nizar was voted into the Central Committee with the highest number of votes.)

Decisions in PAS are not made by Datuk Seri Haji Hadi Awang or Nasharuddin Mat Isa only. They are decided collectively in the Central Committee - just like other political parties - with some degree of influence from Kelantan's TG Nik Aziz.

The Ulama faction will not have things fully their way since Erdogans are in strategic positions in PAS. It was a victory for both factions, I would say.

Having said these, I was happy to read the words of Datuk Husam Musa on the economic front. It was impressive and I think it was the first time a PAS leader came out with an economic agenda and stand !

However, questions now remain unanswered with victories for both Erdogans and the Ulama side.

  • Is PAS looking forward to replace UMNO ?

  • Will PAS be given the PM-ship or assume the position of "de-factor Pakatan Rakyat leader" if they become the dominant force under the coalition ?

  • Are the Erdogans backing the Ulama to make Malaysia an Islamic state - something which their major coalition partner DAP refuse to acknowledge and support ?

  • What is the PAS Presidential Council's position on Malaysia's economy and do they have the expertise for it ? (So far I heard and read Datuk Husam talking about the economy only)

Governing a country is not as easy as talking, rebuking and opposing. Datuk Husam Musa was a good bet for PAS to move ahead, but the election machinery of Datuk Husam was not at all clear on many areas.

If only the Erdogans were not linked to Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and they truly push to make PAS the most dominant force in Malaysia, surpassing the trouble-laced PKR, then perhaps Datuk Husam Musa could have led PAS to greater heights.

Anyway, before DAP Penang start putting condition on asset declaration like "we will only do it if BN does it", perhaps the focus should now shift to PAS also.

I quote from Penang's Chief of Staff Jeff Ooi's blog

There were many 4-wheel drives and Mercerdes-Benzes and non-National cars outside. The only numberplate announced during the proceedings for blocking traffic was that of a "blue Mercedes-Benz" with a Penang insignia.

Hmm. Looks like rich ones are not just in Barisan Nasional. No wonder Nizar rejected Proton in Perak. And if anyone bought THIS story last year, think again if he is lying on national TV and press or not.

“Thousands (of supporters) come but they don’t even get water. I cannot afford it...I also do not have shares or land,” (Anwar Ibrahim)

He is said to be in Paris now (his wife said this). Maybe having tea with Arnaud Dubus besides giving his speech at some conference there ?

I hope to hear his "gracious" official statement soon on speeches from PAS demanding to lead Pakatan Rakyat and the PM-ship.

(Credits to The Malaysian Insider, The Nut Graph and Malaysiakini for the photos)


Azrin H said...

Does anybody realize that Husam and Anwar look alike?

Anonymous said...

yes they looked similar below the navel..